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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 9 Recap


Tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with a recap of Season 6 Episode 8. Towards the end of last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we were introduced to Lisa Rinna’s old time friend Kathryn Edwards. Immediately Rinna brought up the fact that Kathryn is associated with O.J. Simpson, which of course didn’t make Edwards all that happy! Kathryn Edwards former husband was rumored to have had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson, who as we all know was later killed by OJ Simpson.

It was the morally corrupt Faye Resnick who brought light of this affair. In her autobiography released shortly after the Simpson trial, Resnick revealed that Edwards then husband had been sleeping with Nicole. Following the recap of the previous episode, we are presented with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Six Taglines…. this time however Kathryn Edwards tagline has been added!

Over to Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd as they make their way over to a sex shop. Vanderpump reveals that Ken didn’t even ask her if it was okay if she would go to one… Ken apparently wants to change the sex shop into a new restaurant. Vanderpump goes around the store exploring the different items that they have for sale… and well plays with them as well in sort of a funny moment!

Lisa Vanderpump tells Ken that she will be standing their everyday for a year…. and well I don’t think she wants to image how it use to be a sex store. Lisa explains that it was hell to get their previous restaurant PUMP open… and well she doesn’t really seem interested in having to do that much work again.

Ken continues to try and convince Lisa that this will be a good idea, however Vanderpump explains that in ten years time she wants to be working her way into retirement and not trying to start up a new business. We make our way over to Kathryn Edwards and her husband Donnie as they enjoy a bit of a nice ride down Beverly Hills. Edwards gives us an inside into her upbringing and well…. she’s pretty much a mid-western girl with high morals and values.

Kathryn and her husband head over to a jewelry store as Edwards explains that her husband doesn’t get her gifts just for holidays or birthday but rather whenever something is desired. Edwards husband use to play in the NFL and Kathryn explains that they are pretty much set for life. Kathryn is looking at jewelry that costs a million dollars or more…. insane!

Donny tells his wife that she can either get a new piece of jewelry or renovate their new house… Kathryn smartly decides that they house is probably more important. Over to Kyle Richards and her daughter Portia… who is playing with a crutch! Richards gives Lisa Rinna, Kathryn Edwards, Erika Jayne, Yolanda Foster, and Lisa Vanderpump all a call in order to invite the ladies all over for dinner.

Kyle Richards explains that she hopes it isn’t awkward for Kathryn tonight because she is also has invited Faye Resnick for dinner as well! We make our way over to Eileen Davidson who is getting ready to work out. Eileen is a little antsay because they are leaving for Italy in a few weeks and she has so much to do before hand.

Eileen Davidson and her daughter discuss her sister’s ashes, and how she wants to spread them over in Italy. Eileen Davidson begins to breakdown while discussing it and reveals that she hopes that spreading her ashes will help her heal.

Lisa Rinna and Kathryn Edwards Past History Revealed


Lisa Rinna and Kathryn Edwards meet up for lunch so that they can catch up and reconnect. In rather shocking news both Rinna and Edwards are actually hungry and both order omelets! Yes we finally get to see the ladies actually eat something!

Lisa Rinna first asks Kathryn Edwards if she has ever gotten her lips done… which is rather shocking considering how much work Rinna has had done on her own set of lips! Edwards reveals that her lips are 100% real which… probably made Rinna a little envious!

Lisa Rinna tells Kathryn that her lips are the ones that she tried to get… however clearly Rinna had a little to much work done on hers and was unsuccessful at getting the natural look. Edwards reveals that it was actually hard for her growing up with big lips because the kids use to tease her and leave fish food on her school desk!

Kathryn explains that she use to cry as a kid due to the kids who use to make fun of her… big lips! Rinna tells Kathryn that she is sorry that she was tortured… however its not fair that Kathryn got the lips that Lisa Rinna wanted!

Kathryn Edwards reveals in her confessional interview that she has zero shame in her game, claiming that she gets botox and other injections into her face whenever she see’s a line that needs to be taken care of.

Kathryn Edwards asks Lisa Rinna if she still gets work done on her lips, and rather crazed Rinna explains that she hasn’t gotten work done on her lips in forever and she actually had tried to get all of the work done out! Edwards explains in her confessional interview that she remembers back in the day when Lisa Rinna had long dark hair and not so huge lips.

Kathryn further explains that Lisa Rinna has always had that “Ahhhh” explaining that Lisa’s look is rather unique. Kathryn reveals that right after high school she was offered a contract to go to Paris to model… and of course she instantly signed it and went on a plane.

Lisa Rinna explains that when both of them were back in the 90’s they were both single and just having a good time. Kathryn Edwards explains her decision that her and her husband had made not to have kids

Eileen Davidson Spreads Her Sister’s Ashes


Over to Kyle Richards as she makes her way over to meet Faye Resnick who just so happens to be helping her to design her new pop up store. Kyle explains that Faye is like family to her and has always been their for her during the good and the bad. Kyle reveals to Resnick that Kathryn Edwards will be at the dinner party tonight, and well let’s just say that Faye isn’t too happy about it.

Kyle explains that she knew Faye before the whole OJ trial and claims that Faye was very close with Nicole. Faye doesn’t want to confront Kathryn and reveals that she had no interest in talking about something that had happened twenty years ago. Back over to Eileen Davidson who is sitting down with her husband in Italy.

Eileen Davidson opens up about her sister’s death and explains that her sister had never told her that she had terminal cancer. Davidson breaks down in her confessional explaining that she feels horrible that she wasn’t able to take care of her sister during her final months because… well she didn’t know just how sick she really was and her sister was always like a mother to her.

Eileen explains that spreading her ashes in Italy is not only a way of honoring her sister but also a way of letting go the guilt that she has for not knowing or taking care of her older sister during her final days. This seriously is an incredibly emotional moment as Eileen Davidson spreads her sister’s ashes off the balcony.

Over to Kyle Richards as she begins to get her house ready for the night’s dinner party from hell…. I mean dinner party. Back over to Lisa Vanderpump as Kathryn Edwards shows up at her front door.

Edwards is clearly astonished that Lisa Vanderpump has doves in her front yard. Vanderpump of course gets down and dirty with her typical rude line of questioning… asking her age…. her husband’s age… everything you shouldn’t ask.

Back over to Kyle Richards as Faye Resnick is the first to arrive, following Yolanda Foster. Kyle apparently told Yolanda that it was just a BBQ however everyone else is dressed very fancy! Next to arrive is Erika Jayne who also is dressed very casual… at least Yolanda Foster isn’t alone in the underdressed category!

Yolanda Foster tells Erika Jaye that she is feeling a lot better today, as Lisa Rinna is the next lady to arrive. Rinna is shocked to see Yolanda at the BBQ and reveals in her confessional that she had said some mean things about Yolanda and isn’t really looking forward to seeing her tonight. Foster explains in her confessional that while she knows what Rinna had said about her…. she just isn’t going to spend her energy getting into it with her tonight.

Drama, Gossip and Cocktails

Foster reveals that she isn’t wearing nail polish because it has toxins in it just like makeup and hair dye. The next to ladies to arrive are Lisa Vanderpump and Kathryn Edwards. Kathryn explains that she isn’t surprised to see Faye because she knows how close she is with Kyle Richards. Edwards explains that she never heard of Faye Resnick until the moment that Faye had released her book.

Faye Resnick and Kathryn Edwards are introduced to each other by Kyle Richards. Edwards explains that that hair on the back of her neck is standing up right now, Edwards instantly blows Faye off and start to talk to Erika Jayne. Vanderpump believes that Faye is a little bit of a bitch due to the last experience that she had with her.

Camille Grammer is the next lady to make her arrival, as Rinna loses her glass of wine. Kathryn Edwards and Yolanda Foster introduce themselves to each other as they bond over their past careers in modeling. Edwards believes that Foster was a much bigger star than her before Foster tells the ladies that she is heading back home to go to bed.

Vanderpump reveals to Rinna that she doesn’t really like Faye, while Lisa Rinna calls Faye over to ask her how they had met each other. Rinna of course asks Faye what had happened between Vanderpump and herself…. and Vanderpump is less than pleased about the conversation.

Faye tells Vanderpump that she will love to get past their previous beef, and Vanderpump tells Faye that she appreciates have a resolution however she doesn’t really seem to be buying it. Kyle makes her way over and asks Resnick if she is being nice to Vanderpump…. making the moment even more awkward than it already is.

Rinna is pretty pleased that Yolanda is making her exit because well she really didn’t want to get into any beef with her tonight! The ladies make their way over to the dinner table as they enjoy some more cocktails and gossip. Edwards explains that she is actually happy to be sitting across from Faye Resnick… however she doesn’t think that Faye is happy to be seated across from her.

Clearly Kathryn Edwards is getting ready to pounce on Faye considering she probably has been waiting for this moment for years. Considering that Kyle Richards is the one who made the seating arrangement…. it’s a little strange that she would place her best friend right across from well the very person that hates her guts! Maybe the producers had a little bit to do with this huh?

Kathryn Edwards Wants to Confront Faye Resnick


The ladies next begin to talk about Yolanda Foster’s lyme disease as Rinna explains that Foster put herself out their. Rinna explains that she didn’t talk to Yolanda about what she had said yet but she does plan on settling their differences in the future. Kyle wants to know what is going on with Foster’s kids and their lyme diagnosis.

Vanderpump reveals that Mohammed had told her that Yolanda’s kids don’t have lyme disease which of course confuses the rest of the woman. Erika Jayne seems to be very annoyed that the ladies are talking about this, and clearly defends Foster in her confessional interview. The ladies next begin to talk about who has been in playboy and while Rinna and Camille admit to posing…. Faye on the other hand is a little quiet about her own spread.

As Faye Resnick is getting up to go to the bathroom clearly insulted that Playboy was brought up yet again, Lisa Rinna asks Kathryn Edwards what is going on between the two ladies. Edwards explains that Faye had capitalized on a tragedy and she finds that to be horrible.

In her confessional interview Edwards explains that Faye put herself in the situation right after her so called best friend Nicole had been murdered. She brings up the fact that Faye Resnick wrote a book about Nicole, and also posed for Playboy. The irony is that Camille Grammer is sitting at this dinner table to, I can just hear her saying “the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick!”

Kathryn Edwards believes that Faye Resnick was enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame, and of course used the death of her best friend to get it! Edwards explains to Lisa Rinna that Faye had written a book and in that book Kathryn’s name was brought up. In Erika Jayne’s confessional she reveals that the Nicole Brown Simpson murder was a huge deal and Kathryn’s name being brought into the story changed America.

Lisa Vanderpump wants to know what it was that Faye had written about her, however Kathryn explains that she never read the book so she has no idea! Erika Jayne this time asks Kathryn if she really didn’t really didn’t read the book, which Edwards swears that she did not. Erika Jayne explains that maybe Kathryn Edwards should read the book and her feelings might be different towards Faye.

Kathryn Edwards dismisses the idea and explains that she does not need to read the book at all. Erika explains in her confessional interview that if someone had written in a book about her… she probably would have read it first before confronting the writer. Kathryn explains that she is the type of person that ammos herself up and if you get in her way its like rapid fire!

Lisa Rinna wants to know if Edwards has already planned out everything she wants to say to Faye, and Kathryn Edwards explains that she has thought about this moment for over twenty years! Lisa Rinna explains in her confessional as Faye Resnick and Kyle Richards return from the bathroom that this is something that has never been touched up because they have never actually been in the same room as each other!

Kathryn Edwards and Faye Resnick Battle It Out

The Dinner Party from Hell 2 begins as Kathryn Edwards immediatly gets down and dirty. “I have to tell you something Faye. I have never met you before and I feel like I am being phony if I sit here across from the table from you and not address the elephant in the room!”

Edwards continues that she feels like she would be a phony person if she didn’t confront her. Faye continues to just stare at Edwards as Kathryn continues to tell Faye that she is pissed off that she would write about her considering that they have never actually met each other.

Faye Resnick tells Kathryn Edwards that there really isn’t much to discuss between herself and Edwards because she well just doesn’t want to talk about something that had happened 20 years ago. Faye also explains that it was a very emotional moment in her life because she lost her best friend in a murder.

Kathryn continues to try and pry something out of Faye however Resnick seriously doesn’t want to talk about anything in the past. Faye is seriously a bitch as she asks Kathryn if she feels any better getting all of that out now. She also tells the ladies that she doesn’t want to talk about this in public and explains that maybe they can talk about this in private another time. Faye makes a blanket comment as she tells the ladies that she is sorry if she had offended anyone.

Kyle Richards tells Faye Resnick that she is an amazing girlfriend and explains to the ladies how amazing of a friend Faye is. Resnick decides to compliment Kathryn on how beautiful she looks tonight…. and Kathryn shockingly accepts the compliment. In her confessional interview Edwards explains that it’s nice how Faye wants to move on from the past…. however she reveals that she would never consider Faye a friend in the future.



  1. Jenn Lopez

    Jan 27, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    wow this might be the most detailed recap i have ever read haha!

  2. Jenn Lopez

    Jan 27, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    wow this might be the most detailed recap i have ever read haha!

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“Thankfully, we didn’t have, as much as I wanted to have kids, LeAnn and I didn’t have any children. So I didn’t have to see her, and I didn’t have to be in her world, kind of a world of now LeAnn trying to be the mom to the kids and Brandi being threatened,” Dean told Bravo’s Personal Space. “There’s always gonna be some kind of bullsh*t that gets stirred up there, and for me, I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to New York. You guys can have L.A. and all the craziness that comes with it, and I’m gonna start something fresh.’ And that’s why I had to get out of, I stopped writing songs, I stopped doing the kind of whole music world, just because I needed my own identity. So I was fortunate that I split from them emotionally and geographically.”

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