7Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

Tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with a recap of Season 6 Episode 8. Towards the end of last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we were introduced to Lisa Rinna’s old time friend Kathryn Edwards. Immediately Rinna brought up the fact that Kathryn is associated with O.J. Simpson, which of course didn’t make Edwards all that happy! Kathryn Edwards former husband was rumored to have had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson, who as we all know was later killed by OJ Simpson.

It was the morally corrupt Faye Resnick who brought light of this affair. In her autobiography released shortly after the Simpson trial, Resnick revealed that Edwards then husband had been sleeping with Nicole. Following the recap of the previous episode, we are presented with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Six Taglines…. this time however Kathryn Edwards tagline has been added!

Over to Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd as they make their way over to a sex shop. Vanderpump reveals that Ken didn’t even ask her if it was okay if she would go to one… Ken apparently wants to change the sex shop into a new restaurant. Vanderpump goes around the store exploring the different items that they have for sale… and well plays with them as well in sort of a funny moment!

Lisa Vanderpump tells Ken that she will be standing their everyday for a year…. and well I don’t think she wants to image how it use to be a sex store. Lisa explains that it was hell to get their previous restaurant PUMP open… and well she doesn’t really seem interested in having to do that much work again.

Ken continues to try and convince Lisa that this will be a good idea, however Vanderpump explains that in ten years time she wants to be working her way into retirement and not trying to start up a new business. We make our way over to Kathryn Edwards and her husband Donnie as they enjoy a bit of a nice ride down Beverly Hills. Edwards gives us an inside into her upbringing and well…. she’s pretty much a mid-western girl with high morals and values.

Kathryn and her husband head over to a jewelry store as Edwards explains that her husband doesn’t get her gifts just for holidays or birthday but rather whenever something is desired. Edwards husband use to play in the NFL and Kathryn explains that they are pretty much set for life. Kathryn is looking at jewelry that costs a million dollars or more…. insane!

Donny tells his wife that she can either get a new piece of jewelry or renovate their new house… Kathryn smartly decides that they house is probably more important. Over to Kyle Richards and her daughter Portia… who is playing with a crutch! Richards gives Lisa Rinna, Kathryn Edwards, Erika Jayne, Yolanda Foster, and Lisa Vanderpump all a call in order to invite the ladies all over for dinner.

Kyle Richards explains that she hopes it isn’t awkward for Kathryn tonight because she is also has invited Faye Resnick for dinner as well! We make our way over to Eileen Davidson who is getting ready to work out. Eileen is a little antsay because they are leaving for Italy in a few weeks and she has so much to do before hand.

Eileen Davidson and her daughter discuss her sister’s ashes, and how she wants to spread them over in Italy. Eileen Davidson begins to breakdown while discussing it and reveals that she hopes that spreading her ashes will help her heal.




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