10How the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Became a Show

Producers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season one reveal that they had been producing the Real Housewives of Orange County for several years, and had decided to lobby with Bravo TV to create another franchise of the Real Housewives in Beverly Hills. Apparently the network was not interested at first in this new franchise, and Andy Cohen explained that he initially thought that the idea was a bad one.

Andy Cohen explains that he had a few reasons as to why he didn’t want to add a Beverly Hills franchise. One of these reasons was that they had already been doing a show in Orange County and didn’t think that the two towns could be much different than each other. However after seeing the first couple of episodes he realized that the towns just 30 minutes apart are completely different.

Douglas Ross, who was an executive producer of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One explains that the network finally came around to the idea and they were granted some money to begin casting for the new Reality TV show. Casting for these new franchise was extremely hard because their was no ad that producers could place in order to find a housewife that had a wealthy and lavish lifestyle that would be willing to open their houses up for the cameras.

Jen Redinger who was a casting director for the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed that they were seeking ladies that were actually friends in real life so that they would have real chemistry with each other and real fights. As it turns out, Kyle Richards was one of the first ladies to be cast for this new franchise, after an assistant had viewed an E! True Hollywood Story episode about her.

Kyle Richards reveals that she had no idea exactly what she was getting herself into, she thought that this Reality TV show would just be fun and games and had no idea that it would be a show full of drama. Kyle Richards dragged her sister Kim Richards onto the show, and well let’s just say that was one of her best choices that she had ever made considering the drama the Richard sisters would bring to the show! Andy Cohen reveals that producers and himself had no idea just how much “sisterly drama” these two ladies would eventually bring to the show.



  1. Whoever thought the OC is 30 minutes away from Beverly Hills obviously doesn’t know So Ca; or the 405 freeway.


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