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Top 9 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Secrets That Will Shock You

How the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Became a Show


Producers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season one reveal that they had been producing the Real Housewives of Orange County for several years, and had decided to lobby with Bravo TV to create another franchise of the Real Housewives in Beverly Hills. Apparently the network was not interested at first in this new franchise, and Andy Cohen explained that he initially thought that the idea was a bad one.

Andy Cohen explains that he had a few reasons as to why he didn’t want to add a Beverly Hills franchise. One of these reasons was that they had already been doing a show in Orange County and didn’t think that the two towns could be much different than each other. However after seeing the first couple of episodes he realized that the towns just 30 minutes apart are completely different.

Douglas Ross, who was an executive producer of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One explains that the network finally came around to the idea and they were granted some money to begin casting for the new Reality TV show. Casting for these new franchise was extremely hard because their was no ad that producers could place in order to find a housewife that had a wealthy and lavish lifestyle that would be willing to open their houses up for the cameras.

Jen Redinger who was a casting director for the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed that they were seeking ladies that were actually friends in real life so that they would have real chemistry with each other and real fights. As it turns out, Kyle Richards was one of the first ladies to be cast for this new franchise, after an assistant had viewed an E! True Hollywood Story episode about her.

Kyle Richards reveals that she had no idea exactly what she was getting herself into, she thought that this Reality TV show would just be fun and games and had no idea that it would be a show full of drama. Kyle Richards dragged her sister Kim Richards onto the show, and well let’s just say that was one of her best choices that she had ever made considering the drama the Richard sisters would bring to the show! Andy Cohen reveals that producers and himself had no idea just how much “sisterly drama” these two ladies would eventually bring to the show.

Giggy Has His Own Contract? Who is Pinky Vanderpump?


Surprisingly enough it wasn’t the Richards’ sisters that became the selling point to Andy Cohen to continue to finance this new show. After seeing Lisa Vanderpump’s casting interview, Andy Cohen was instantly sold on the idea to fully commit to producing this new Housewives franchise! It was the lavish lifestyle of Lisa Vanderpump, and her ability to add a bit of dark humor into the show that instantly drew Andy Cohen in.

Producers reveal that Lisa Vanderpump’s dog Giggy actually has his own contract for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It was under the request of Lisa Vanderpump that her lovely dog be given his very own contract before she agreed to sign onto the show. Following the success of the first season of RHOBH producers have exercised their right to continue Giggy’s contract for each season!

It has also been revealed that Lisa Vanderpump initially had wanted to go under a totally different name for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Producers reveal that Lisa Vanderpump had initially wanted to go under the name “Pinky.” Producers let Lisa Vanderpump know that Pinky Vanderpump wasn’t a good idea because…. well…. it sounds like a porn star’s name!

Adrienne Maloof, Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer


The next housewife to be cast for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was Adrienne Maloof. Kyle Richards knew Adrienne’s brothers because of their relationship with their Las Vegas hotel. The casting director for the first season of RHOBH reveals that once they knew that they wanted Adrienne to join the show, it was Adrienne who brought in Taylor Armstrong.

Andy Cohen revealed that the only thing that he remembers about casting Taylor Armstrong was her huge lips, seriously who can forget those massive things! The next lady to be cast for the show was Camille Grammer. Producers had asked Kyle Richards if she knew of any other Beverly Hills Housewives that would be interesting in joining the show.

Kyle Richards reveals that she had went to a party and met Camille Grammer. Richards’ reveals that she only knew Camille as one of her husband’s clients, however after seeing Camille Grammer dancing on a pole she thought that she would be a great addition to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Camille reveals that she received a phone call from Kyle Richards a few days later about joining this new Reality TV show. Camille initially didn’t think it was a smart idea because her husband at the time, Kelsey Grammer, probably wouldn’t have liked the idea of her being on a Reality TV show. Kyle reveals that she kept pushing Camille to do the show, however she really didn’t seem that interested.

Next thing she knows Kelsey Grammer called producers for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and told them that he wants his wife to do the show! Producers were confused as to why Kelsey, who is an A list actor, would want Camille to do this show….. however as we later found out, it was kind of his way of giving Camille a parting gift before divorcing her.

The Very First Fight


The very first drama filmed on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills began when Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer and Kim Richards began discussing with each other what producers have planned for them in the future for filming. Kyle Richards explains that she asked Camille Grammer what she was doing for spring break, Camille told her that she was going to Hawaii.

Kyle Richards asked Camille if she was going to Hawaii with Kelsey, to which Camille responded that she wasn’t but that they were filming it. Kyle responded, with a simple “oh there filming it?” Richards explained that she thought at the time that the ladies were getting spring break off from filming, so she was surprised to hear that Camille would be shooting during this time.

Camille reveals a different story where she claims that Kyle Richards had said to her, “Oh so they’re still going to film you without Kelsey in Hawaii?” Back over to Kyle Richards who claims that Camille shot back at her with an attitude asking Kyle if she didn’t think that Camille was good enough to film without her husband which surprised Kyle.

Camille reveals that she probably was bitchy to Kyle Richards, but this is because she thought that she was being interrogated by Kyle Richards. Producers reveal that this moment initially set up the rest of the season, while Camille reveals that following this moment with Kyle she no longer trusted any of the other housewives.

Drama in the Big Apple


Camille Grammer had planned a trip for all of the ladies to go to New York City to see her husband at the time, Kelsey Grammer’s big debut on broadway. Camille Grammer reveals that she had some reservations about the trip due to her tense moment in Las Vegas with Kyle Richards and her inability to trust the other housewives.

Producers reveal that when they got to New York, Kyle Richards felt tension between herself and Camille Grammer and she wanted to resolve the issues that had plagued them since their trip to Las Vegas. This of course spawned the moment between Camille and Kyle were they discuss their difference of opinions about Camille’s trip to Hawaii and what was actually said between the two.

Camille Grammer reveals that at the time of filming this trip to New York she didn’t think that she was insecure, however now looking back she does admit that she clearly was insecure. Camille still believes that Kyle Richards apology to her during this moment was no sincere.

When production went to go set up their cameras for the night’s events, Taylor Armstrong pulled Camille into the bathroom of camera to tell her that the other ladies had been talking about her behind her back at the airport. Once again her insecurity was brought up and Camille initially felt like she was being played by Kyle Richards and the other housewives.

Camille reveals that she was pissed because she knew at that moment that she was going to be played as the villain of the show. Camille continues to explain that she immediatly went up to Lisa Vanderpump and told her that she knew what Lisa was doing and asked her to please not do this to her (make her into the villain of the show.)

Andy Cohen reveals that as a producer he was annoyed that the ladies were in a huge fight about something that had happened off camera, however they would end up being great opponents for the show. Camille reveals that at the time she felt like she was being set up, however looking back she thinks she may have been a little paranoid.

Dave Rupel who was an executive producer during the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reveals that while Kim Richards was there at the time for this off camera fight, she wasn’t a reliable witness. When Camille left the table Kyle turned to her sister to try and find out why Kim didn’t defend her, at this moment Kyle realized that her sister had started to relapse.

Kyle reveals that Kim Richards had been sober for years at this time, and that her alcohol addiction was still a family secret that no one else had known about. Taylor Armstrong reveals that later that night when she went up to Kim Richards room, there had been evidence that Kim was clearly drinking that night. Lisa Vanderpump reveals that this night changed everything for her and she remembers actually going into the bathroom to cry off camera.

The Dinner Party From Hell!


Chris Cullen, who was a producer during the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reveals that following the ladies trip to New York City…. Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer were not on good terms. Producers knew that at any moment something huge could happen. Camille contacted producers about getting the infamous Allison on the show, however initially Allison didn’t feel like she was a right fit for the show.

Kyle Richards reveals that she did bring her friend Faye Resnick to the dinner party so that she could have someone in her corner since her sister Kim Richards was clearly unreliable. Lisa Vanderpump believes that Allison was brought by Camille has her wingman, however Camille still claims that she did not invite Allison their to defend her.

Dave Rupel (producer) reveals that what the audience didn’t see was that when everything went to hell, filming was actually about to wrap up because the night had been so boring. It was when the oversized martinis started to hit Allison that the night started to become a little more interesting!

Adrienne reveals that Allison was instantly out of control, and clearly became the instant villain on the show. Meanwhile Lisa Vanderpump reveals that she was just in shock during the whole entire ordeal and wanted to run out of the house as soon as possible.

Andy Cohen explains that it was like the Reality TV gods came down and delivered the perfect episode for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Andy Cohen compares the Dinner Party from Hell to the first time that he saw Teresa Giudice flip the table on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Camille Grammer reveals that while she found it hilarious that her sprinklers went on when all of the ladies were standing outside, she insists that she did not plan that moment. Chris Cullen (producer) explains that after the Dinner Party from Hell, all of the ladies got into a limo together (minus Kim) and Kyle Richards found the nude photos of Camille Grammer.

Kyle Richards explains that while in the limo she came across a photo of Camille Grammer, and that it was a very raunchy photo. When Lisa Vanderpump saw the photo she jokes that it could be Camille Grammer’s new christmas card! Camille explains that she was upset with this moment because she has children that didn’t know about the photo.

While Kyle Richards was most upset with the things Allison said after she had left, Camille reveals that she too thought that Allison went to far and claims that she does not condone what Allison had said. Andy Cohen had tried to get Allison on his Watch What Happens Live show following the success of Allison’s episode, however Allison told Andy Cohen to f*** off!

Camille Grammer Becomes the Most Hated Housewife of All Time!


Following the airing of the Dinner Party from Hell episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer started to face the backlash of her friend Allison’s actions. Kyle Richards reveals that shortly after filming the episode a magazine came out claiming that Camille Grammer was the most hated housewife of all time. Even though these two ladies were fighting Kyle does admit that she felt horrible for Camille.

Camille Grammer explains that in her mind she couldn’t understand what she had personally done that was so bad that people would call her the most hated housewife of all time. Andy Cohen explains that during the premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, he took Camille aside to tell her that she was going to have a really rough season.

Dave Rupel (producer) reveals that during all of this backlash on Camille Grammer her husband Kelsey Grammer dumped her as they were finishing the season. Camille Grammer reveals that during the ladies trip to New York City to see Kelsey, she felt like when she saw her husband she knew that it was the beginning of the end for their relationship.

Camille Grammer explains that she felt like a fool watching the season because looking back she could see all of the signs that Kelsey was no longer in love with her. Taylor Armstrong explains that she had no idea that Camille and Kelsey were having marriage issues until all of sudden they were getting divorced. Vanderpump was also shocked and explains that it was one of the low points of the show.

Kyle Richards explains that none of the ladies knew what was going on between Kelsey and Camille, however after watching the first season they all saw the signs as well. Camille Grammer explains that following the opening of Kelsey’s play she went home thinking that everything was going to be okay between her and Kelsey.

However Kelsey was already having an affair at this point, and he clearly wanted out of their marriage. Camille reveals that Kelsey didn’t even have the decency to call her to ask for a divorce, but rather had someone else call her to inform her that their marriage was over.

Camille explains that she didn’t want the audience to see her world crumbling, and actually had no interest in going to the Tony Awards with her husband. However Kelsey called Camille and told her that she had to go because he had already promised the producers from the award show that they would be going together.

Kelsey pretty much lied to Camille and said that they could have a romantic weekend together, and this Camille felt like meant that there was a chance that she could salvage her marriage. However this was the end of their relationship.

The Richards Family Secret


Dave Rupel who was an executive producer on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills explains that by the end of the season everyone in production was aware that Kim Richards was probably drinking. He further explains that during the party at Muhammad’s house that off camera Kim Richards fell and it was clear that she was intoxicated at this point.

Dave reveals that producers later found out that Kim Richards had actually hidden a bottle of alcohol in one of the bathrooms of Muhammad’s house. Kyle Richards explains that Kim Richards alcohol problem was something that their mother always kept private, she reveals that it was hard for her and that she was hoping that it would never come out.

Dave explains that when they got to the party to start shooting Kim Richards was late, he reveals that Kim Richards was in her own limo and that she was actually getting sobered up by her manager. Kyle explains that when Kim showed up she initially knew that she had been drinking, Kyle was upset and angry at her sister for relapsing during the finale.

Kyle Richards reveals that it was very hard for her because during their fight at the finale they didn’t want to talk about what the real problem was between them two. Kyle explains that their issue was that Kim Richards didn’t have her back in New York not because she was nervous but because she had been drinking.

Dave explains that they tried to get Kim Richards calmed down in a separate room of camera however Kim felt betrayed. Kim Richards then went into the lobby (where cameras were not allowed) and just started screaming, yelling and cursing. Dave further reveals that while when bad things happen it’s his job to film it, during this particular moment he tried to keep Kyle away from Kim because he didn’t feel like anything good could come out of it.

Kim Richards continued to freak out and ultimately the owners of the hotel shut down production which is why Kim Richards was escorted to the limo. Adrienne reveals that Kim Richards knew that she was a safe person to talk to which is why Kim requested that Adrienne join her in the limo with Martin.

The Moment That Shocked the World


Kyle Richards reveals that at this point she was furious with her sister, and when production tried to deny her access to Kim’s limo she just pushed passed them. At this point Kyle Richards gets into Kim’s limo to find out what was going on with her sister. Adrienne explains that Kim had felt like everyone had ganged up on her, before Kim interrupts to tell Kyle that she was the one who ganged up on her the most.

Beth Kochendorfer who was a camera operator during the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills explains that being in the limo with the Richards’ sister was “like a pressure cooker.” During shooting in the limo Kyle Richards would proceed to tell Kim, “you are sick, you are a liar, and an alcoholic.” And just like that the Richards’ family secret was revealed.

Adreanne explains that she was doing the best to calm them both down and claims that she has never seen anything like their fight. Beth Kochendorfer explains that the fourth wall was broken during this and Kyle Richards (in unseen footage) actually pushed her camera lense away. At this moment Beth put down her camera.

In unseen footage Kyle Richards tells her sister that she and her husband will no longer help Kim Richards, as she explains to Kim that she warned her if she couldn’t stay sober that she would no longer support her sister. In more unscene footage, Kyle Richards actually got back into the limo with her sister Kim and the two went at it again!

Kyle Richards explains that it took the night in the limo for her to realize that Kim’s drinking wasn’t actually a choice that Kim was making but rather a disease that Kim could not overcome.

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