Real Housewives of New York City Recap : Sonja Island

The Real Housewives of New York City Returned with its 100th episode last night and seriously every second was full of drama and fighting! I highly suggest you all check out this episode because it was nearly as good as the famous scary island. Here are the top moments from tonight’s episode, considering it literally was to much drama to fully recap!

The Ladies Indulge in a Little Friendly Competition
When Heather Thomson enters the mix, you know you have a competition on your hands.

Dorinda Tells Sonja to Shut It Down
While the other ladies do yoga, Dorinda Medley gives Sonja Morgan some important life advice.

A Different Side of Sonja Emerges
Sonja Morgan has had enough with the other ladies and lets it be known to all of them.

On tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City Heather Thomson and Dorinda Medley go from a budding friendship to sworn enemies!

The clip below starts of with Dorinda Medley telling Heather Thomson, “I don’t know what the all was about, I wasn’t yelling at you.” As she is saying this Heather keeps saying “Shh” and tells Dorinda that she was in fact yelling at her which Dorinda denies.

“I’m never aggressive with you,” Dorinda begins to explain to Heather Thomson. Dorinda begins to cry as she explains to Heather, “You should be nicer, because that was not nice the way you just treated me. I’ve never treated you like that before.” Heather responds to the tear filled Dorinda by explaining that she can’t believe the way that Dorinda just treated her.

This angers Dorinda who explains that all she did was ask if Heather would wait for her. Heather interrupts claiming that Dorinda has actually asked why Heather was ignoring her which Dorinda denies.

“Forget it your acting like a bitch,” Dorinda yells behind her as she walks away from Heather “No No I am not a child” Dorinda tells Heather as they are taking there seats awkwardly right near each other.

“Then don’t act like one,” Heather Thomson bitchily replies. Ramona Singer tells the ladies to stop because they are making her sick with all their arguing.

Sonja Morgan has a freakout when she learns what the ladies have been saying behind her back.

“I’m just fine when I go to bed, what do I have a big problem when we are out partying?” Sonja Morgan begins to lay into Countess LuAnn and Bethenny Frankel.

“At the end of the night, you know, you just tend to fall asleep, and we have to put you to bed” LuAnn begins to explain as Sonja Morgan yells out “Sue Me!”

“Maybe I should talk about some of the things that you did at my house,” Sonja Morgan screams at the top of her lungs.

“This is why I don’t like doing the because I should have the people here that saw it… your talking behind my back!” Sonja continued.

Heather Thomson rolls up as Bethenny Frankel asks Sonja to stop talking so they can get a word in. Bethenny asks Sonja to stop screaming and Sonja explains that shes screaming because she is pissed!

Heather Thomson becomes mother bear again as she tries to calm Sonja down.

“You all fucking think i’m so fucking nice, that you talk behind my back,” Sonja Morgan begins to rip into the ladies. “Do it while i’m their so I can laugh about it!” Bethenny explains to Sonja that they aren’t saying anything that they wouldn’t or haven’t already said to her face. Sonja reems into Bethenny that Ramona Singer told her what Bethenny had said about Sonja behind her back. Damn Sonja way to stir the pot! Sonja explains that Ramona told her that Bethenny said she had a drinking problem, Bethenny screams back at Sonja that she had already said that to her face!

Sonja starts to cry and tells the ladies it about time she speaks her mind about them as she walks away sulking.

“Get out of my s**t!” Sonja yells at Bethenny Frankel.

“All the women in this place care about you!” Heather Thomson says.

“Yea, bulls**t!” Sonja snapped, as she later seen in the clip below yelling, “I’m not under attack. I’m attacking you b***hes! I’m sick of being nice to all you!”

Heather chases after Sonja and lets her have it! Reminding her that she is no angel herself and talks a lot a smack behind peoples backs all the time.

Ramona Singer surprisingly opens up her heart to Bethenny Frankel while she talks about the demise of her marriage to Mario. Mario’s infidelity of course had ended their marriage after 22 years together.

“He’s part of me. It may not be good for me, but he really is part of me,” Ramona Singer explains to Bethenny Frankel after the other ladies have gone to bed. “I wish I knew how to fix him. I can’t fix him, and I want to fix him so badly.”

Bethenny Frankel comforts her friend, and the two cry openly as they embrace about their failed marriages.

“I feel what she’s going through,” Bethenny Frankel says in her confessional. “It’s like she lost a body part. She’s not herself without him, and I totally get it.”

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