7Heather “MaMa Bear” Thomson Is Gone-zo!

As we revealed months ago, Heather Thomson has been on the chopping block after a rather lackluster third season behind her. While Thompson has always been considered a fan favorite, this season she seemed to become rather more annoying than anything. MaMa Bear brought out her claws as she battled Bethenny Frankel early on in the season. This of course ultimately lead to her downfall, and she couldn’t quite capture the fans following her scuffle with the Big B. It should come to no surprise that Heather Thomson announced earlier in the week that she would not be signing on for season 8 of the Real Housewives of New York City. Her reason of course was to focus more time on her buisness Yummy Tummy, however i’m pretty sure it’s safe to say producers didn’t want her back either.


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  1. Kristen needs far more than marriage problems to make her interesting. SO glad Dorinda will be returning. She’s a great addition to RHONY!

  2. Just like they helped Kim Richards, it is time for Bravo to help Sonja. Let her stay because, Lu Anne can not take her place as Ramona’s BFF. Also, the vacations would be a bust with out the dim witted duo. I am gone, if Sonja leaves. Besides Bravo, I am tired of the spin the wheel game after every season. Let this play out.


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