Real Housewives of New York’s LuAnn de Lesseps Getting Married?

Will we be seeing a wedding take place during the next season of the Real Housewives of New York City? As we had previously reported LuAnn de Lesseps has been dating a new man Thomas D’Agostino. This of course is a former boyfriend of Ramona Singer’s, so we may just be watching their friendship fall apart later this year.

It’s been revealed by inside sources that the couple hit it off immediatly. While they have only been dating for a few short months, the couple is allegedly already talking about a wedding in the near future. This of course would mean that the Countess would no longer have her title, something that we thought she was never willing to give up!

According to a new article posted by Page Six the couple was spotted having dinner at the Palm Beach Grill late last week. During this romantic dinner between Thomas and LuAnn, the couple was overheard discussing an upcoming wedding between them.

According to a close friend of LuAnn’s, while she may not be engaged just yet… the couple has been seriously talking about tying the knot. LuAnn and her new man have been visiting jewelry stores, in search for the perfect ring for the Countess!

While Luann and Thomas are talking about getting married; Luann’s co star Ramona Singer just got out of a nasty divorce. As we previously reported Ramona Singer was recently kicked out of a party hosted by Dorina Medley’s boyfriend. Insider’s reveal that Ramona might have a nervous breakdown if Thomas starts coming around the ladies more often!

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