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Seth Rogan Just Trolled Donald Trump Jr.

Seth Rogan just trolled the son of the President of the United States after finding out that he was being followed by him, Donald Trump Jr., on twitter!

Since entering the White House Donald Trump has easily become one of the most despised men in the world. Between his Muslim Ban and his Mexican Wall; the United States is in some desperate need of saving.

Leave it to Comedian Seth Rogan to try and get the son of President Donald Trump involved as well! It probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas for Donald Trump Jr. to begin following Seth Rogan’s social media pages, and this is why!

When Rogan realized that the son of the President of the United states was following him on twitter, he decided to seize the opportunity and ask Jr, to talk to his father about resigning before he destroys the planet!

When Seth Rogan didn’t seem to get the response he wanted, or rather any at all from Jr., he decided it might be better to just DM President Trump’s son instead!

Written by Jack Evans

Jack Evans

Jack Evans is obsessed with 'Little' People, Music, and all things the Walking Dead. He is currently enrolled in SBU and majoring in Journalism.

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