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Shocking Details from the Vanderpump Rules Reunion (Spoilers)

Shocking Details from the Vanderpump Rules Reunion (Spoilers)

Vanderpump Rules has made us laugh, cry and ball our fists in fury so far this season…..and it’s not just over yet! Since Lisa Vanderpump created Vanderpump Rules in 2013 it has quickly become one of Bravo TV’s most successful reality TV shows.

This season of Vanderpump Rules has been by far the most dramatic season yet, and so it should come to no surprise that when the cast of Vanderpump Rules taped their reunion on February 24th things went to the extreme.

LaLa Kent Returned to SUR

LaLa Kent returned to SUR after leaving it earlier on in the season. SUR wasn’t the only thing LaLa made amends with however; our inside sources reveal that LaLa and Scheana are once again friends! “Lala and Scheana are back as friends and are now closer than ever!”

A New Army of Bitches Was Created

Who was on whose side you ask? During the Vanderpump Rules reunion it became clear that Scheana, Ariana, and LaLa were all going to stick together. They all remained on the same side throughout the entire reunion and even took some selfies together (surprisingly enough.) “Lala is wanting to be with the girls,” our source revealed.

LaLa Kent Won’t Be Returning to Vanderpump Rules Next Year

Even though LaLa Kent made her return to SUR; that doesn’t mean that she will be returning to Vanderpump Rules next year. Can’t really blame LaLa on not wanting to return, thanks to James she quickly become one of the most hated cast members.

Goodbye Lisa Vanderpump?

Another cast member that might be leaving after this year is surprisingly Lisa Vanderpump. Luckily for Vanderpump – she created the show, and therefore will still be making bank whether or not she actually is on camera. Lisa Vanderpump is rumored to be getting yet another spin-off show, this time featuring her dogs however! Our source revealed that Lisa “is getting another spin off show about her dogs, her life, her charities and more!”

Mike Shay Returned

Yup you read that right! Mike Shay returned to Vanderpump Rules during the reunion to confront Scheana. “Mike Shay came back for the reunion and surprised Scheana,” our source revealed. “Scheana lost it for hours on set having to confront him.”

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