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Tamra Judge Vs Brandi Glanville Twitter War!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is understood for speaking her mind. Therefore once the reality star smells bullshit, she’s the primary one to mention it. So it really comes to no surprise that when RHOBH star Brandi Glanville claimed, she personally chose to leave RHOBH even when being offered a salary increase Tamra Judge certainly did not buy Brandi’s pile of shit.

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During a recent interview with ET, Tamra was asked regarding Brandi’s exit from RHOBH to that Tamra responded,“Bullsh*t. no one leaves the Housewives show. We’ve got an equivalent production company and her numbers don’t match up. I’m aiming to provide you with $500,000 to figure four months out of the year, and you opt, ‘No. I’m looking for another job.’…It doesn’t work that way.”

Well, Tamra’s attacks didn’t reconsider to well with Brandi, Brandi took to twitter to attack Tamra for her comments

“@TamraBarney please STFU about me cuz you don’t know what your talking about & I wasn’t lying about what I make – maybe you need a better agent.”
The twitter war however ended very quickly when Brandi tweeted that she had gotten her (Tamra Barney’s) text and they laughed over how they where joking around… hmmm smells fishy….

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Written by April Hunter

April Hunter

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