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TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About


For much of television history, Friday night has been looked at as a night for largely disposable programming. Most people go out, and if they do stay in they’re probably watching a movie rather than TV shows. In fact, it’s often seen as the kiss of death when a show is moved to Friday from another night, a place to put a failing show as it gasps its dying breaths.

One of the biggest exceptions to this began in the late ’80s, when some executives at ABC had the idea to design a programming block for Friday nights specifically aimed at families. Attached to the branding of “TGIF“– in this case, an acronym for “Thank Goodness Its Funny!“– it was a lineup of light sitcoms that generally revolved around a family, with a big focus on younger characters and their interactions with their parents or other authority figures.

TGIF launched and/or included a number of shows that continued to be watched and beloved to this day– some so much so that they’ve returned in reboot form– such as Full HouseMr. BelvedereFamily Matters, Perfect StrangersStep By StepHangin’ with Mr. CooperSabrina the Teenage Witch, and Boy Meets World. But among the nearly 30 shows that passed underneath the TGIF umbrella in its original 1989-2000 run, there are some that people haven’t kept up much nostalgia for (and probably won’t be joining the others on Hulu anytime soon).

Here are 15 TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About.

15.  Clueless

Clueless 2 15 TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

The 1996-1999 Clueless TV series is based on the 1995 movie Clueless, which was based on the 1815 Jane Austen novel Emma. Confused? As if!

Getting back a surprising amount of the movie’s cast– the biggest absentee is Alicia Silverstone, though Rachel Blanchard’s Cher is a pretty solid substitution– the Clueless series even managed to get cameos from Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy, and Breckin Meyer.

The show itself is no better or worse than you’d expect it to be, but its quality did take a bit of a hit in the transition from ABC to UPN– Clueless movie writer and director Amy Heckerling was involved in the first season but didn’t stay on board through the network jump for the second and third seasons.

That said, the people who do remember this show more likely remember it as a UPN show or during its time on afternoon syndication rather than being aware that its debut season was on ABC as part of TGIF.

Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Saying that Chris Parker is a cinematic freak would be an understatement. When he isn't paving his way into the movie industry; Parker enjoys looking at pictures of baby tigers.... and writing of course.

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