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TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

14. Two of a Kind

Two of a Kind TV show Olsen Twins 15 TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

Though just babies when Full House first began, the Olsen twins eventually became the show’s breakout stars, going on to be at the center of a huge media empire, comprising books, movies, toys, video games, clothing, and more. But now that they are fancy fashion designers, they are too busy to make an appearance on Full House reboot Fuller House— and chances are pretty good that they wouldn’t show up on a reboot of their second show Two of a Kind, either.

Although it only lasted a single season, Two of a Kind saw quite an extended life in syndication, running for years on ABC Family in the U.S., and Nickelodeon in Europe. In addition, the Two of a Kind “universe” saw surprisingly big success as a pre-teen book series, with a whopping 40 individual books written within the series (including some books that were just novelizations of episodes of the show).

13. Baby Talk

Baby Talk TV show Scott Baio 15 TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

At first glance, Baby Talk— a show where a toddler character has an inner dialogue that only the audience and other toddlers can hear, done in the voice of an adult– might have seemed like a shameless rip-off of the hit movie Look Who’s Talking. In actuality, the show was originally pitched as a Look Who’s Talking TV show, and was co-created by Amy Heckerling, who wrote and directed the movie.

However, with the second Look Who’s Talking film set to be released just before the debut of the series, Heckerling and show co-creator Ed. Weinberger worried that there would too much confusion in trying to promote a TV series and film of the same name at the same time. So the title was changed to Baby Talk, and Heckerling came up with original characters for the show, loosely based on those from the movie.

The cast of the show included TV veteran Scott Baio, Tony Danza as the voice of the baby (and his biological father in the first episode), and dependable ol’ George Clooney in one of his many dues-paying TV roles before his E.R. breakthrough.

12. On Our Own

On Our Own 1994 TV show 15 TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

On Our Own was a show that starred the six real-life Smollett siblings– Jussie, Jurnee, Jojo, Jake, Jocqui, and Jazz– as the six fictional Jerrico siblings– Jesse, Jordee, Jimi, Joc, Jarreau, and Jai, respectively. Kudos to the creators of the show for managing to come up with six completely different J names than any of the kids actually had.

If any of those names sound familiar to you, that’s because Jussie Smullet has recently appeared on the TV show Empire and in the film Alien: Covenant, and Jurnee Smullett-Bell– who, astonishingly, married another, completely different J, named Josiah Bell– has been on a number of shows, including True BloodParenthoodFriday Night Lights, and Grey’s Anatomy.

As for On Our Own, it was a show about the six aforementioned Jerrico siblings who lose their parents and are being raised by oldest brother Josh (another J!), who had to dress in drag and pretend to be Aunt Jelcinda (we’re not making this up, honest) to keep the kids from being split up.

The show lasted Just 20 episodes– apparently TV audiences didn’t get the Joke.

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