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TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

11. Aliens in the Family

TGIF Quiz Aliens in the Family 15 TGIF Shows You Completely Forgot About

After the success of Dinosaurs, a show about an anthropomorphic dinosaur family featuring costumes and puppetry from Jim Hensen’s Creature Shop, ABC tried to emulate that formula with 1996’s Aliens in the Family.

This time involving creatures interacting with non-costumed actors, Aliens tells the story of a human man who is abducted by aliens, and then falls in love– and has children with– one of the alien females. The result is a mixed-species family of humans and aliens – and the wackiness that follows.

One of the interesting things about the show was its breakout character, Bobut, the baby of the family who had genius-level intelligence and was always plotting ways to kill his family. Sound familiar?

Only eight episodes of the show were ever made – a far cry from the 65 that Dinosaurs reached during its run. Interestingly, fellow TGIF actor Jaleel White had complained that shows like Aliens in the Family and Dinosaurs had hurt TGIF’s credibility.

That’s right, the guy who played Steve Urkel– a character who built working time machines and had catchphrases like “Did I do thaaat?”– was ripping the “credibility” of other shows.

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