The Housewives Experience an Erika Jayne Performance!

During tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Erika Girardi invites the ladies to watch her perform under her alter-ego Erika Jayne. Before her performance Erika Jayne and her crew circle together in order to pray for the upcoming performance.

Erika’s friend/whatever he is tells the crew that it’s time to “turn up the sex and turn up the heat!” Because you know Erika Jayne just isn’t sexual enough in her current music videos!

In her confessional interview Erika explains that she wants the show tonight to be good because she wants to entertain her fellow housewives. Eileen Davidson is beyond excited to see Erika Jayne perform for the very first time live! Kyle Richards jokes in her confessional interview that tonight she is going to release her own Erika Jayne!

Erika comes out on the stage in the most provocative dress that a pop star can possibly wear without it being rated X! The ladies seem to be thrilled to see Erika finally perform live and the gay club (I believe) that she is performing in has just lit up as well!

While the housewives go wild dancing, Erika performs on stage…. surprisingly enough it’s pretty obvious that she is lip syncing due to the computerized voice during parts of her song! The only thing more sexual than Erika’s clothing choice, are the lyrics included in her song!

In her confessional interview Lisa Rinna reveals that she was obviously prudish about the whole thing, however after seeing Erika Jayne perform live… she now thinks that its fabulous! Rinna explains that she now sees why the gays love her….. mmmm not so much Mrs. Rinna while I love her personality (as Erika G) i’m not so much into her music about being a mistress!

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