The Martian : Why Everyone Needs To Read the Book Before The Movie


Today, 20th Century Fox released a trailer for there upcoming adaptation of “The Martian.” I actually had just finished reading the Martian yesterday so as you could imagine I was completely thrilled to find out a movie was being made!

The Martian, how does one describe this movie, let alone the book! During a mission to Mars that involves a group of humans, Astronaut Mark Watney who will be played by Matt Damon in the feature film is presumed dead after a sand storm on mars, while his captain does attempt to find him after the storm shoots him away from the crew, she runs out of time or so she thinks.

According to their computers Watney is dead, his suit has been torn, and their is no oxygen getting to him. What they don’t know, is that although Watney’s suit is torn, his blood actually forms a seal which keeps him very much alive!

Watney is now faced with being alone on an incredibly hostile planet, where he must fight for his survival. Watney uses his brain to find out a way to communicate with NASA despite the fact that all communication devices where destroyed in the storm.

Watney must also figure out a way to live the five years it will take NASA to return to Mars. With only one years worth of food, Watney must find a way to survive FIVE YEARS on the infertile ground of Mars.

I don’t want to give anything away so all i’m going to say is that YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU SEE THE MOVIE. Like every adaptation of a novel, the book will always be ten times better than the movie!! The book took me about 12 or 14 hours to complete, there is no way the movie will be able to include all they crazy details and story’s in only two hours.

Check out this exclusive trailer of “The Martian” below! (It wont ruin the book or anything no worries!) Are you guys excited for The Martian!

Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Saying that Chris Parker is a cinematic freak would be an understatement. When he isn't paving his way into the movie industry; Parker enjoys looking at pictures of baby tigers.... and writing of course.

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