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The Tea on Season 3 of Real Housewives of Dallas

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The Skinny on Season 3 of RHOD! – The Real Housewives


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Luxury Living, Fighting Friends, and New Enemies – Oh my!

The Real Housewives of Dallas is returning for a third season this summer, think late July or early August, after having a tumultuous second season that left the cast fractured, possibly, beyond repair.

So, what can fans expect for season 3?

Well, expect lots of drama and changing alliances according to The Good Tea Time.

All six Dallas Housewives will be returning for season 3 with the possible addition of a new “friend of the Housewives” named Jennifer, who happens to be very close to D’Andra.

Let’s break down what we know about the season 3 drama!

D’Andra Simmons had a knockout first season as a Housewife but it turns out season 2 isn’t being so kind. Insiders say that D’Andra’s season 2 storyline will revolve around her rumored money issues that the ladies can’t stop gossiping about.

Also, expect lots of glamorous parties including D’Andra’s Anniversary party, Stephanie’s housewarming party, an 80’s themed prom, LeeAnne Locken’s fashion show, and so much more!

The ladies will also be taking two trips during season 3. The casts main trip will be to Copenhagen, Denmark which Cary hosts, while the smaller trip will take the ladies to Beaver Creek.

It turns out that the big drama this season comes from Brandi Redmond who it at odds with the entire Dallas cast. Brandi “has allegedly become alienated from the group as her rival LeeAnne has formed real friendships with Cary and Stephanie.”


Cary and Kameron also have some bad blood during season 3 after both question weaknesses in each other’s marriages.

However, it’s rumored their beef doesn’t last as everyone is intent on making Brandi their common enemy.

To wrap, LeeAnne has set a wedding date and it’s rumored that Bravo could be giving her a spinoff.  I don’t see a spinoff happening for her especially since they didn’t give Danielle Staub one and her fan base is way bigger than LeeAnne’s but you never know.

I’m very excited for season 3 of RHOD! I loved season 2 after hating season 1. Can’t wait to see what drama the Dallas Housewives cause this year!

Thoughts on season 3 of RHOD? Are you excited for season 3 of RHOD? Are you surprised Brandi is being alienated by the entire cast?

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