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The Top Ten Funniest Super Bowl LI Commercials

While some of you may have tuned into Super Bowl LI to watch The Falcons take on the Patriots, their were a few of us other tuned in simply to watch the funniest and most controversial commercials of the year! 

While many companies used the Super Bowl to air their grievances with President Trump and his recent #MuslimBan or/and other Trump actions, there were still a few companies that went the more tradition Super Bowl commercial route and left us rolling on the floor laughing.

Whether it was a Hollywood star studded commercial like Honda’s Yearbook Super Bowl ad or a hilarious attempt to save the world like Melissa McCarthy’s Painfully Hilarious Kia commercial, this year’s Super Bowl ads definitely exceeded any humor expectations.

Buicks ‘Big Game’ Commercial

Intel’s Tom Brady Commercial

Honda’s Yearbook ad Featuring Tina Fey, Viola Davis, and Steve Carell

Bai’s now viral commercial starring Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake

Tide’s laundry saga, starring Jeffrey Tambor and Patriot’s Rob Gronkowski.

Febreze’s hilarious ode to the half-time bathroom break

Turbo Taxes Humpty Dumpty tale

Super Bowl Baby Legends

Mr Clean. Cleaner of Your Dreams!

Melissa McCarthys Hilarious Kia Commercial


Written by Jack Evans

Jack Evans

Jack Evans is obsessed with 'Little' People, Music, and all things the Walking Dead. He is currently enrolled in SBU and majoring in Journalism.

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