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Tiny Trumps Is A Breath of Sheer Laughter

Reddit has always been a hilarious source of entertainment; sometimes I find myself browsing random subreddits for hours on end. Over the past few days a subreddit called Tiny Trump has gone instantly viral and its simply a breathe of sheer laughter.

The concept is really quite simple yet at the same time painfully hilarious – it encourages users to post photoshopped photos of the President of the United States Donald Trump as – well a midget or child! The Rules are pretty simple:

/r/TinyTrumps is the subreddit for photos of the 45th President, where Trump is roughly 2 feet tall. Post, and enjoy the laughs shared here!
Please be aware, whether you like/ hate trump. We’re not here for the politics, just to laugh at his TinyHeight portrayed in these photos…

Check out some of the more hilarious photos of Tiny Trump that users have posted over the past few days below!

Written by Jack Evans

Jack Evans

Jack Evans is obsessed with 'Little' People, Music, and all things the Walking Dead. He is currently enrolled in SBU and majoring in Journalism.

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