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Tom Cruise To Undergo Scientology Counseling After Breaking Ankle

Jamie Florence



Tom Cruise To Undergo Scientology Counseling After Breaking Ankle


Tom Cruise will be in trouble with Scientology bosses for breaking his ankle, as it’s a sign that he has so-called “suppressive people” in his life, has learned.

In a major case of Cruise control by his controversial religion, the star now could be told to undergo counseling, according to a source.

Cruise, 55, injured himself while jumping from building to building as he bravely filmed a stunt for his upcoming movie Mission Impossible 6 in London, as Radar has reported.

He performed the dangerous stunt last Sunday and wound up limping afterwards after landing hard.

Soon, the movie actor found out he had broken his ankle.

The daredevil star reportedly jetted home to the U.S. for treatment – and now production on the movie has been halted for up to two months.

But Cruise might have a bigger long-term problem involving his faith, the source said.

In the wake of the accident, he might face the wrath of his close friend and Scientology leader David Miscavige, said the insider.

“According to the Church’s faith, it believes that illnesses and accidents like this come because there is a Potential Trouble Source in someone’s life,” the source told Radar.

“A PTS comes because a member is connected to a ‘Suppressive Person,’ which is usually someone who has left the Church or is a non-believer.

“In Tom’s case, he has a a number of supposed SPs in his life, such as his ex-wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, who are both Catholic and left the Church. But daughter Suri is the biggest problem, as she is now living with her mother in New York and it’s rumoured that he hasn’t seen her for over three years,” said the source.

And according to former high-ranking member Tory Christman, who is now an outspoken critic of Scientology, it’s these influences on his life that will mean he will face a serious talk with Miscavige.

“He might even need to go for Scientology counselling,” according to the insider.

Christman noted, “He crashed into a building, broke something, the Church will ask, is he PTS? Yes he is. Who is he connected to that is SP? Will he get in trouble? It is a bit like you’re in trouble, you’re not a good person, because you’re a PTS – you must be connected to someone really evil if you’re PTS.

“Breaking a bone, hurting yourself, falling, someone will be there, going, ‘That’s PTS, better go to ethics and see an officer,’ ” Christman said.

The freak accident could cause problems for Cruise, but he still has star status which will affect his situation, he revealed.

Christman said, “They’re connected to a suppressive person, thus, Tom Cruise crashed into a building could it be (a) he’s older so not as good at these stunts as he used to be, or (b) will they tag it into something else? They have to. They’ll do it a in a general way for him, he’ll get it a lot easier than some people.”

In another controversy, Cruise’s former Scientology friend Leah Remini, who famously left the church and is exposing its inner workings on her A & E reality show, recently slammed the actor.

During a Reddit AMA about Scientology, a fan asked Remini if Cruise was a good person.

The former King of Queens star, 47, snapped, “No! Just going to get straight to it, no!”

Remini continued, “There is a public persona of the guy who looks at you directly in the eye and shakes your hand and hugs you and is an attentive person to you and there’s the person behind the mask who is a completely different person.”

“Someone could say we all have that — what we are to the public and who we are behind the scenes, but the people who are around Tom and work for Tom, not even people who are Scientologists, they will say he is diabolical,” Remini said.

It’s not the first time Remini has sounded off on her former pal Cruise, as Radar has reported.

Now, the Mission Impossible star could endure some scrutiny from Scientology, the source explained.

Via: RadarOnline

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Erika Girardi/Jayne Announces Memoir Release Date

Rebecca Williams



Erika Girardi/Jayne Announces Memoir Release Date


RHOBH star Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne is releasing her memoir. I have to say, I’ve read a lot of books written by Housewives and I’m super excited to read about Erika. She’s so mysterious on the show and I feel like I want to know everything about her. Well, Erika’s memoir has a release date!

“#PrettyMess coming March 20, 2018! @SimonBooks,” she captioned the following photo on Instagram.

Erika originally announced she was releasing her book in July, telling E! News, “Without Erika Jayne, Erika Girardi would just be another rich bitch with a plane.”

“I hope my intimate story can inspire readers to become their own strong, confident and vibrant pretty messes,” she added.

Publisher Jennifer Bergstrom told the site: “This book proves why Erika Jayne is a fan favorite: She’s fun and she’s fearless—and for the first time, she’s here to tell all.”

Will you be reading Erika’s book? I know I will.

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Punisher Reviews – What Did You Think?!

Chris Parker



Punisher Reviews – What Did You Think?!


Marvel’s The Punisher Reviews – What Did You Think?!

Marvel’s The Punisher is launched on Netflix on Friday and we’ve created this spot for you to tell us and your fellow viewers what you thought about the series. Let us know what you thought by posting your Punisher reviews in the comments below!

After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York’s criminal underworld. Now known throughout the city as The Punisher, he must discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone.

The series is executive produced by showrunner Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal), Jim Chory (Marvel’s The Defenders) and Jeph Loeb (Marvel’s The Defenders), who also serves as Marvel’s Head of Television. Marvel’s The Punisher is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios for Netflix.

The cast also features Ebon Moss-Bachrach (GirlsThe Lake House), Deborah Ann Woll (Marvel’s DaredevilTrue Blood), Ben Barnes (Westworld, The Chronicles of Narnia), Amber Rose Revah (Emerald CityIndian Summers), Michael Nathanson (The KnickThe Wolf of Wall Street), Jaime Ray Newman (Bates Motel), Jason R Moore (A Lonely Place for Dying), Daniel Webber (11.22.63) and Paul Schulze (Nurse Jackie).

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Justice League Reshoots Erased Aquaman’s Story

Chris Parker



Justice League Reshoots Erased Aquaman’s Story


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Justice League

Fans had high hopes for Aquaman’s story in Justice League, but most of it wound up on the cutting room floor. At least, that’s the impression given by the veritable wealth of underwater shots, Momoa-centric scenes, and hints at the larger DC mythology of Atlantis in the movie’s marketing. Almost all of which, sadly, ended up being tossed aside – including entire performances from acclaimed actors now appearing only in the solo Aquaman movie. But it’s the rich mythology of Atlantis and Arthur Curry’s parents that takes the biggest hit.

Even without diving into specifics (forgive the pun) the theatrical cut clearly makes less of a role for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman than Snyder intended. Even if the actor chose to keep silent on the cuts made for the two-hour runtime, and what was re-shot to fill in the blank, Snyder’s determination to make Aquaman a star suggests much, much more than we get in League.

Jason Momoa promises Aquaman will still be the origin story fans crave, it was clear early on that League would tease out more of his own place in the world, in Atlantis, and in the grey area in between. Until WB and Whedon made their changes to Justice League.

Aquaman’s Story Was Scrapped (Along With Vulko)

Remember when Willem Dafoe was revealed as Vulko, the citizen of Atlantis who watches over Arthur in the comics, grooming him to one day take over the crown as the people’s king? Well, some predicted his role in Justice League was in serious jeopardy when his character was included on an official poster… crudely hidden behind Amber Heard’s Mera (no editing, that is the real poster above).

The early seeds of that lifelong link to Atlantis were expected before Dafoe joined the solo Aquaman movie, and according to Momoa, that’s exactly what Snyder originally filmed:

“What Zack and I did, we were kind of trying to establish that he was taken down there as a boy, and he was an outcast, he was a half-breed. And he was built up as a young boy because he was fed all these ideas by Vulko – that he was the rightful king. And he gets down there and he’s a half breed, he’s impure, and I’m just made to feel like I’m this disease. So after that, I was like, ‘F*** you, f*** you, I’m on my own.’

That’s not the only key piece of Aquaman’s original Justice League arc, but his emotional turn (thanks to Diana’s lasso) still arguably relies on this groundwork being laid beforehand. Now, let’s take a step into the real mythology.

Aquaman Paid a Visit To The Dead King

As further evidence of just how invested Snyder was in doing Aquaman ‘right’ – essentially hoping to stun fans with the true scale and ‘badass’ nature of his modern comic mythology – one need look no further than the very first effects shot of Aquaman in action underwater. The finished footage was impressive, to say the least, depicting Jason Momoa’s Aquaman swimming in Atlantis as easily as Superman flies through the air. Even more impressive was Snyder’s willingness to show DC Comics fans how much of Geoff Johns’s acclaimed Aquaman mythology was being adapted into the DCEU.

The image showed Arthur swimming up to a stone statue, seemingly dressed in the armor he would eventually wear when fighting alongside the League, holding a trident in one hand, seated on something of a throne, and wearing what sure looks to be a crown. In the comics, that’s a clear nod to The Dead King: the entombed body of King Atlan, the first great ruler of Atlantis. As Arthur understands it, his ancestor who possessed the armor, crown, and weapon now rightfully his, should he accept his birthright.

And, no surprise, Momoa seems to confirm this sequence would have been tied to his ‘outsider’ subplot with Vulko:

“There’s a place where [Aquaman] goes down to, and it got cut out of the movie. He knows spots where he can go and he can see these statues, the remnants of [Atlantis]… There just wasn’t enough time in this movie.”

Thankfully, at least some of King Atlan’s role remains in the finished cut. In Diana’s history lesson, the ancient king can be seen placing a Mother Box in its revered spot in Atlantis, wearing the armor Arthur eventually adopts. The most obvious explanation is that, just as the Greek Gods fighting in Justice League‘s ancient battle had their plots trimmed down in editing, Atlan’s role (and crown, and armor, and weapon) were left on the cutting room floor.

Good For The Runtime, Bad For Aquaman

The plan, it seems, was to have Arthur seek out these deserted monuments to Atlantis’s past (an obvious comment on the current state of Atlantis without Arthur as king). Converse with Vulko to not only tease his crisis in the coming Aquaman, but establish the conflict within Arthur as one that causes him to run from his duties – and NOT someone who answers the heroic call being issued by Bruce Wayne. Instead… well, there’s not much to actually replace it.

The original plan was to understand Arthur through his interactions with a character he knows, has known, and who cares for him and his internal conflict (one which was praised ahead of the film as important to both Momoa and Snyder’s pitch, with the actor also of mixed heritage, just like Aquaman). Instead, Heard is saddled with the exposition, scolding him as a man who apparently doesn’t care to be king. Until Atlantis is attacked, and Arthur claims the armor and weapon of Atlantis’s ancient king… off screen.

In the end, it’s an understandable sacrifice for the sake of Justice League‘s studio-mandated two-hour running time. But given how much Snyder teased during production, and how much Atlantis’s rich mythology was teased in marketing… that doesn’t make it any less disappointing to see it erased completely.


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