During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Vanderpump Rules stars LaLa Kent and James Kennedy just could not stop cursing. Seriously almost every minute or two… one of them would cause an entire 10 seconds of the show to be beeped out. It was clear that Andy Cohen was getting pretty pissed off when he continually had to ask the couple to please watch their language.

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It was clear that both James and Lala had a few too many drinks, however it almost seemed like they had no idea they were live on air. Executives at Bravo TV surely noticed the large amount of cursing, and instantly cancelled all upcoming press interview with James and Lala.

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James and Lala were immediatly sent packing, as producers changed their flight back home to Los Angeles. Both James and Lala had press interviews lined up for the entire next day, however after their potty mouth’s Bravo Executives realized that they had loose cannon’s on their show…. that could affect the shows image.

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It looks like the Vanderpump Rules couple haven’t heard the last of their punishment, as it’s being reported by RadarOnline that Bravo Executives are looking for a more long term punishment for the amount of cursing heard on WWHL. The couple has since than apologized via twitter for their bad language, however their apology may just be a day late.

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  1. I actually thought it was a great show. I watched the WWHL episode with James and LaLa. Yes they did curse a lot. Whoever handles the delayed feed did an excellent job of beeping them out. I thought the show was a laugh riot. Bravo has to expect some of this when they put shows on the air where they are showing they freely flow the liquor through every show. Every show has a “guest bartender” that is on to do some sort of promo. Andy Cohen’s reaction to the cursing during the show was actually refreshing. He always seemed like a guy who does not get affected. Andy was obviously annoyed and asked them to cut down on the language. I am a big Andy Cohen fan and loved seeing that side of him. I don’t think the punishment has to go further. I would rather see them brought back to the show, let them apologize for their behavior, and for once on WWHL have all drinks be non-alcoholic and give that type of promotion on the show. To Andy Cohen’s credit at the end of every show he does say if you have been drinking don’t drive.

    • There is no reason to be cussing every other word and it is very childish and inappropriate.

      They both looked stupid and did not find them humorous, just inconsiderate and teaching our children who watch this show how to act is inappropriate.

      Before someone starts saying children should not be watching the show, it is rated for audiences over 13. Older teenager are really impressionable and should be taught to think cussing every other word is not appropriate.

      • Maybe the show does have the wrong ratings. A huge part of the show is that they have a bar and serve drinks. How many places have you gone with an open bar that someone is not acting inappropriately? I am not advocating their behavior. Lala has been back on the show already. James is well aware that he needs to stay off alcohol that he doesn’t handle it well. The sensor caught all the bad words. Everything was bleeped out. If you are a parent of an impressionable teen I would not recommend them watching any show with an open bar and drinking games. The ratings are to assist parents, not to be the parents instead of the parents. It is still the responsibility of the parent to control what their child watches. I didn’t see anything wrong with the show. If I was the parent of an impressionable teen and they had been watching the show, I would use it as a teaching moment about how people act when they lose the ability to control their thoughts and actions due to alcohol.

        • I still think it is inappropriate to watch a show where there is nothing but a bunch of grown people cussing every other word and acting like a bunch teenagers that they think makes them look bad.

          No excuse for bad behavior!!

          • Hopefully, you are not tell me not to respond because I am saying something different from you?


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