Vanderpump Rules Recap: Scheana’s 30th Birthday Bash!

Vanderpump Rules Season Four Episode 1 Recap

Vanderpump Rules returned tonight with its Fourth Season and it looks like most of the cast members have had some work done on their faces, because none of them have aged since season one! During tonight’s season premiere James and Kristen got into a fight behind Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant after Kristen showed up to SUR. Kristen found out that James had been telling Jax Taylor information about Carmen, and well let’s just say Kristen wasn’t that happy about it! The cast also celebrated Scheana’s 30th Birthday Party on tonight’s episode and well James got shitfaced….because he’s dating Kristen!

While tonight’s episode was rather boring, we did get some humor when Jax Taylor’s mother told him to stay away from women! Jax Taylor and his obviously new nose, he even is still wearing the bandages from his plastic surgery, reveals to his mother that they have a crazy schedule coming up. When Jax Taylor’s mother asks him how he is doing he reveals that everything is going great….on the work part of his life… but what about his love life you ask?

Well before Jax Taylor can even get into his love life his mother tells him it’s time to a break from women! Jax Taylor doesn’t seem like he wants to take a break, and his mother (who I feel bad for) insists that Jax Taylor takes a break from woman.

Jax Taylor’s mother reveals that she can’t wait for the day to see her son fall in love; however at this point in time she believes that Jax needs to take a break from women in general. She wants her son to just let love come to him and in the meantime for him to further understand himself and why he is the way that he is. There were some less than entertaining moments during tonight’s show so let’s just get to the good old drama shall we?

When James decided to tell Jax Taylor some information about Carmen… all hell broke lose! Kristen arrives on the scene almost minutes later, and while James immediatly tries to cheer Kristen up when she arrives, she clearly is hell bent on making his day miserable. Kristen is furious that James is stirring the pot, and let me say James accent is fucking dreamy! I could never get pissed of at him! James accuses Kristen of being drunk, and well James here’s a tip…. that’s a horrible thing to say to a girl who is hellbent on making your life miserable!

James reveals that he is finally starting to realize Kristen’s bad habits, and he feels like he is always bowing down to her even if she is wrong. He claims that Kristen can’t ever admit to being wrong, and her habits are getting harder and harder to deal with. James also reveals that the couple have been fighting a lot recently. Jax Taylor shows up on the scene to take the blame for James, seeing Jax apologize is seriously hilarious. Kristen being the bitch that she is throws James under the bus and tells Jax that James talks shit about him all the time.

Luckily for James…. Jax doesn’t seem to care to much! Jax continues to apologize to the both of them, and James and Kristen just can’t stop fighting! James heads off to his car to grab his DJ equipment as he reveals that he would rather lose his relationship that lose his DJ career!

While most of this episode was filled with boring scenes and a lack of drama, shit started to finally get interesting at Scheana’s 30th birthday party. It should come to no surprise that after constantly fighting with Kristen all James wants to do is get hammered and let loose with his friends. However Queen Kristen is not down for that, and tries to tell James to pace his drinking!

Sadly James just doesn’t care and continues to party like its the last night of his life seriously….. he chugged the crap out of a bottle of fireball! The liquor was everywhere and well let’s just say he got a little bit sloppy! Kristen of course being the control freak that she is really isn’t pleased with James sloppy behavior.

After bitching to some friends about James’ behavior Kristen finally makes her way over to her boyfriend. In his confessional James reveals that its Kristen who drives him to drink as much as he does! James feels unwanted and insecure with Kristen so ultimately he decided….Fuck it…. time to party!

When James starts talking to Jenna (a friend of Scheana) well let’s just say he opened pandora’s box by talking to another female (god forbid.) Kristen reveals in her confessional that it bothers her when James talks to other woman, and well we could already see it in your eyes honey! If you missed tonight’s episode…. don’t worry because besides Kristen and James fighting…. you really didn’t miss a thing!

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