Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder and Lisa Vanderpump Reunite and Fight!

During tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor apologized to his girlfriend for getting arrested while Stassi Schroeder and Lisa Vanderpump reunited. Stassi Schroeder showed up at Lisa Vanderpumps’ restaurant Pump and tried to issue an apology. “Hey Lisa, I know that I am the last person that you want to see and…” Stassi tells Vanderpump before getting cut off. Vanderpump clearly annoyed cuts Stassi off to tell her that “this old woman” is busy.

Lisa continues that the last thing that Stassi had told her publically was humiliating, and she simply doesn’t have any interest in anything that Stassi has to say to her. In her confessional interview Lisa Vanderpump explains that she has heard a lot of negative things that Stassi had said about her. Vanderpump reveals that not only did Stassi call her an old woman, but she also called all of her staff drug addicts during an interview with Brandi Glanville.

Stassi tells Lisa that she understand her anger however she hopes that Lisa will atleast give her the time to explain herself. Lisa tells Stassi to sit down and asks her what it is that she wants. A tearful Stassi admits to Lisa that she was completely disrespectful on multiple occasions. Lisa Vanderpump is clearly pissed as she tells Stassi that she is glad that she can laugh about it now that it doesn’t mean anything… but at the time it did mean something to Lisa.

Lisa tells Stassi that she not only had great friends but she also had a great boss… and now she pretty much has pissed on both of those two good things. In her confessional interview Stassi claims that while Lisa did give her a job… all she did was waitress… so therefore she doesn’t believe that she owes Lisa Vanderpump anything! Stassi however continues to apologize to Lisa’s face, before being interrupted by Vanderpump and told that the words i’m sorry… are hollow words!

Stassi tells Vanderpump that she is thankful for everything Lisa has done surrounding her sex tape and keeping it under wraps. Lisa Vanderpump tells Stassi that she is the one who met with the sleazy guy that was trying to sell the video. Vanderpump continues that she was the one who used her own money in order to keep the sex tape under wraps.

When Stassi attempts to hand Lisa Vanderpump over money for keeping the sex tape under wraps, Vanderpump gets insulted. Stassi tries to walk off the scene, however Lisa isn’t letting her go that fast! Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of our page!

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