Watch Adele Finally Confirm that She’s Married to Partner Simon Konecki

Adele has finally confirmed that she’s married to her longtime partner Simon Konecki. Over the past few months rumors have run rapid about the long time couple and whether they had tied the knot in a private ceremony. 

Adele, finally made the announcement about her marriage during a recent concert it Brisbane, Australia. The news was reveled while she was talking to the crowd about her hit single “Someone Like You.

“I was trying to remember how it was I felt at the beginning of the relationship that inspired that record,” Adele explained to the audience.

“Because as bad as a break-up can be and as bitter and horrible and messy as it can be, that feeling when you first fall for someone is the best feeling on earth, and I am addicted to that feeling. Obviously, I can’t go through with those feelings because I’m married now.”

While the couple had been heavily speculated as being married (in a private ceremony a few months earlier,) this news still sent shock-waves throughout the entertainment industry.

Adele has always been very private about her personal life, and well we were about to think that she would never actually show that she was married. Watch Adele Finally Confirm that She’s Married to Partner Simon Konecki Below!

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