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Watch Donald Trump Forget His Earpiece and Pretend to Speak Japanese

Just when thought that President Donald Trump’s presidency couldn’t be more of a hilarious car crash; President Trump personally delivers us with more comical relief.

Earlier this morning President Donald Trump forgot his earpiece and the proceeded to pretend that he actually spoke Japanese!

Yes you read that totally correctly! It all began earlier this morning when President Trump met with Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe at the White House. 

Unfortunately for Trump, he forgot to bring his earpiece with him… therefore he was not able to have someone translate Shinzo Abe’s speech to him.

Rather than admit that he couldn’t actually speak Japanese, President Trump nodded his head and pretending like he understood everything that was going on! President Trump’s biggest fans (yeah right) were quick to notice and poke fun at the brilliant world leader!

This of course isn’t the first awkward meeting between Abe and Trump, earlier during a photoshoot between the two the Japanese Prime minister seemed to visibly grimace after a particularity awkward handshake with the new U.S. president.

Written by Laura Conway

Laura Conway

Laura Conway always loves a good argument. She likes traveling, adopting new animals, and reading a good book.


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