Watch Transgender Teen Win the Texas State Wrestling Tournament Amidst Controversy

Mack Beggs, a transgender teen who is transitioning from female to male, spurred controversy when he won the Texas girl’s 110-pound wrestling championship on Saturday afternoon.

Despite all the nonsense and controversy – Mack Beggs walked away Saturday afternoon victorious. Beggs couldn’t help but share the spotlight with his teammates however; who he revealed have all worked just as hard as he has and in fact claims that he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his teammates. 

“That’s honestly what the spotlight should’ve been on, my teammates. The hard work that I put in the practice room with them beside me, we trained hard every single day. Every single day. That’s what the spotlight should’ve been on.”

Mack Beggs has become the first ever transgender athlete to win the Girls Texas State Wrestling tournament, and the first ever transgender student to win any state sports tournament in Texas. 

Not really shocking (sadly,) but not everyone was pleased that 17-year old Mack Beggs won the tournament (or was even allowed to enter.) Beggs, A Jr at Euless Trinity High School in Dallas, has been undergoing treatments (testosterone) to help with his transition.

This of course has led some people to believe that Mack Beggs was given an unfair advantage due to the fact that he has testosterone injections.

Mack Beggs originally wanted to enter the boys tournament, however wasn’t allowed due to the fact that his birth certificate lists him as a female.

Watch Transgender Teen Mack Beggs Win the Texas State Wrestling Tournament Amidst Controversy Below!


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