Halloween might be over, but for us horror fanatics the scaring never ends! Recently I have been on a search for the most haunted places in the world. It’s not just America that has haunted places, but rather the entire world is full of frightening adventures. Some of these you may have heard about, however most of them you probably have not!

6The World’s Most Haunted Prison

ca. 1950’s, California, USA — View of Federal Penitentiary at Alcatraz Island With Surrounding Water — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The last place that anyone wants to spend their final days at is the Alcatraz Prison, to say that some prisoners never leave would be more than an understatement. While many “Haunted Places” capitalize on their history, Alcatraz is one of them that doesn’t.

On May 2, 1946 what would be called the Battle of Alcatraz occurred. Six prisoners attempted to escape the inescapable prison. However after realizing they missed one big detail… the key to the recreational yard, the prisoners began to take hostages in hopes of their freedom.

The stood tall for 48 hours, ending the lives of 2 correctional officers and injuring anyone in their paths. 3 of the escapes were shot and killed while the remaining spent the rest of their lives in a cell. Fast forward to current day, and the screams of these escapes are still heard in the dark corners of Alcatraz.

These aren’t the only ghosts lurking in the shadows of Alcatraz. Al Capone can be heard playing his banjo late at night, despite dying a long time ago. The most haunted area in the prison however remains to be D-Block, the same area that the infamous Battle of Alcatraz occurred.

A prisoner who was locked in cell 14-D recently was heard screaming that someone else was occupying his cell. The correction officers would soon find out that he wasn’t lying when they found his dead corpse.

Strangulation marks were found around his neck, and the scariest part was that the prisoner’s death didn’t stop him from attending roll call that night… or so they prison officers claim!




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