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Five of the World’s Most Haunted Places Ever

Halloween might be over, but for us horror fanatics the scaring never ends! Recently I have been on a search for the most haunted places in the world. It’s not just America that has haunted places, but rather the entire world is full of frightening adventures. Some of these you may have heard about, however most of them you probably have not!

The World’s Most Haunted Prison

ca. 1950's, California, USA --- View of Federal Penitentiary at Alcatraz Island With Surrounding Water --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
ca. 1950’s, California, USA — View of Federal Penitentiary at Alcatraz Island With Surrounding Water — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The last place that anyone wants to spend their final days at is the Alcatraz Prison, to say that some prisoners never leave would be more than an understatement. While many “Haunted Places” capitalize on their history, Alcatraz is one of them that doesn’t.

On May 2, 1946 what would be called the Battle of Alcatraz occurred. Six prisoners attempted to escape the inescapable prison. However after realizing they missed one big detail… the key to the recreational yard, the prisoners began to take hostages in hopes of their freedom.

The stood tall for 48 hours, ending the lives of 2 correctional officers and injuring anyone in their paths. 3 of the escapes were shot and killed while the remaining spent the rest of their lives in a cell. Fast forward to current day, and the screams of these escapes are still heard in the dark corners of Alcatraz.

These aren’t the only ghosts lurking in the shadows of Alcatraz. Al Capone can be heard playing his banjo late at night, despite dying a long time ago. The most haunted area in the prison however remains to be D-Block, the same area that the infamous Battle of Alcatraz occurred.

A prisoner who was locked in cell 14-D recently was heard screaming that someone else was occupying his cell. The correction officers would soon find out that he wasn’t lying when they found his dead corpse.

Strangulation marks were found around his neck, and the scariest part was that the prisoner’s death didn’t stop him from attending roll call that night… or so they prison officers claim!

Island of the Dolls


If you ever find yourself on a boat in Mexico City, it’s worth checking out Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls.) While this may seem like Chucky’s playhouse considering the vast amounts of dolls, locals find this to be one of the most haunted areas in Latin America. In fact the locals actually refused to go to this island, despite tourists desires, the locals feared for their lives and no amount of money would change their minds.

Thousands of mutilated dolls hang around this island, tied to trees or lying on the floors. Eyeless skulls, filled with maggots and flies… a sight that would give even the biggest horror fanatic nightmares. More than 50 years ago the island’s caretaker Julian Santana Barrera found a drowned girl floating down the coast, with of course her doll by her side.

Later that night Barrera heard the laughter, and then screams of a little girl, who he believed to be that of the dead girls spirit that he just found. Attempting to please the ghost he hung a doll from a tree, however after the screams did not stop he continued to hang more and more dolls around the island.

In time Barrera started to believe that all of the dolls soon became possessed and realized that it was the little girl haunted him, but rather the whole island was possessed. Many tourist claim that they have seen the dolls come to life at night, opening and closing their eyes along with screaming.

In 2001 Barrera’s body was found drowned in the very same spot that he had found the little girls many many years ago. Local’s believe that Barrera now haunts the island as well.

The Amityville Horror House

Out on Long Island, New York you can find the house that inspired the movie “The Amityville Horror” and its numerous sequels that followed. On November 13th, 1974 Ronald DeFeo Jr. slaughtered the remaining six members of his family. A year later a newlywed couple George and Kathy Lutz purchased this murder house, because well its cheap price outweighed its creepy past.

Immediately after moving in the couple and their three children began experiencing terrifying events. They claimed to have seen such things as red eyes in the windows, swarms of random flies, ooze seeping through the walls, and a sepulchral voice yelling for them to leave the house if they knew what was good for them.

Since then theories have been presented as to exactly why Ronald DeFeo Jr. slaughtered his family, mostly pointing to the fact that the house possessed him. The house was built on an ancient Indian Burial Ground, and many believe that this is the reason the house become so haunted.

DeFeo pleaded insanity, and claimed that the house possessed him to kill his family. 28 days after the Lutz family moved into the murder house, they left leaving all of their belongings behind. While many people dispute the claims that they house is indeed haunted, up until their deaths the Lutz family claimed that consider the walls where oozing it most certainly is haunted by something!

The Most Haunted Ship (Queen Mary)

Houses and prisons aren’t the only thing that ghost’s spend eternity wandering around, just ask John Smith who is a marine engineer who decided to roam around the ship Queen Mary. Smith claims that while wondering around Queen Mary late at night, he heard screaming in the stairwells and the should of water rushing through the ship.

In 1942 when the ship was used in World War II it crashed into its companion vessel HMS Curacao. The Curacao was split into two, killed all 338 men on board. While an 80 year old ship probably should have weird sounds coming from it, with a reported 49 deaths on it following this crashing… its safe to say that this may just be drenched with evil spirits.

Room B-340 is probably the most haunted area on the ship, and it should be considering that an entire family was murdered in that very room. The most famous ghost lurking around Queen Mary, is located on the former first class pool area.  A little girl can be seen playing and talking late at night, and its rumored that Little Jackie is still searching for her mother. Seriously you can find her voice talking to people on Youtube, it’s pretty damn scary.

There are around 10 other famous ghosts that can be see haunting this ship, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that this ship has become a haunted museum. Why these spirits have never left the ship, well we may never know.

Suicide Paradise and the Writers Building

On May 7th, 2015 a subway came to an emergency stop after its motorman believed to have seen a man walking around the tracks. However after authorities searched the area, no man was found in sight. What soon became known as Suicide Paradise, due to the massive amount of suicide there, the Rabindra Sadan subway station is on of the most haunted places in India.

This isn’t the only frightening place in West Bengal, India. Enter ‘The Writer’s Building,’ which was formerly home to the British East India Company’s admin staff. In 1930 three Indian freedom fighters shot and killed Lieutenant Colonel N.S Simpson, who was known for torturing his prisoners.

While Simpson’s ghost may not haunt this building, the victims that he tortured sure do. Screams can be heard during the dead of night, while Simpson’s wife can be seen roaming the halls (her ghost of course.)

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