10 Days That Changed UFC Forever


10 Days That Changed UFC Forever


  1. Just would be nice if morons that know nothing about big time money would stop commenting on the UFC sale. WME is making bank to anyone that has a clue.

  2. I checked your list to see if you listed the most important one…..amazingly, you did. I remember watching Ken Shamrock with his square chest and looking like a super hero walk into the octagon….across from him was this little scrawny guy that looked like someone who wears the Karate outfit he bought from Walmart so he can go to a local Karate dojo and learn to do the crane kick….well….yep….the rest is history….I didn't even know what to think….a true WTF moment in real life.

  3. The overuse of shittily narrated references at every single opportunity in a desperate attempt to make it seem like you know more about mma than a quick internet search is cringy as hell

  4. sorry whatculture you dont know your mma or ufc simon miller is roided out bitch nobody likes dont you fools go and try to act like you know mma you tea sippin bitches

  5. This is going to piss off the MMA hardcore fans but who really cares. I don't think a handful of us actually paid attention to the UFC until at least late 2013 and 2014 when Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor became major stars. To the Casual non MMA fans like myself that's when we started to like mixed martial arts and the UFC, anything before that was kind of dead to us.

    I also don't know why you MMA fans are so worried about the Reebok deal, it's not like any of you are making money from it.

    When it comes to USADA I think it's a good idea that we keep the sport clean so we can have fair competition even if it hurts our favorite fighters (Jon Jones)

    Also no fucking unions they increase the cost of everything for the fans like us.

    Does the UFC/MMA needs some work done? Yes it does but let's me happy.


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