10 Life Affirming Wrestling Title Wins


10 Life Affirming Wrestling Title Wins


  1. it's interesting how every decade at Wrestlemania, we get the "vanilla midget" or unconventional champ at Wrestlemania with the number of wins increasing by 1.

    WM 10 saw Bret Hart dethrone Yokozuna (only winning one match that night to do so), while WM 20 saw Benoit beat 2 guys to become champ and, lastly, Daniel Bryan defeat 3 men in one night to win the greatest prize in sports entertainment.

    here's to Wrestlemania 40 crowning the hardcore fans' favorite by winning a fatal 5 way. 😉

  2. The problem isn't the people being cynical u biscuit head, it's the corporations that charge us money for their product and they're giving us low quality crap all through the 2010s and all this while insulting and blaming their own consumers (which they would be nothing without consumers!). It's the times of abusive corporations.. and lots of people put the corporation's BS in the light. And of coarse the abusive corporations don't like that, they'd love to continue their abusive ways without any retaliation.

  3. I don't care what anyone says, seeing Chris Benoit win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX will always be the greatest WrestleMania moment of all time. 18 years of hard work & dedication just to realize his dream & to see Eddie Guerrero walk to the ring & congratulate him with all the confetti coming down really made that moment special. Especially with Jim Ross commentary. Just hearing him say "FINALLY! FINALLY, MY GOD, FINALLLY! CHRIS BENOIT IS THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THIS WORLD!" just made into the greatest moment in history. Aside from what happened later on, this moment will never be forgotten & there will NEVER be another Chris Benoit EVER!!!

  4. WCW spoiling Mick Foley as Mankind winning the WWF title, and saying it would put alot of asses in their seats. The mass migration of viewers to WWF who couldnt believe it is the most life affirming title win I can think of.

  5. Eddie and Benoit had the single greatest WrestleMania moment of all time and nobody can take that from them. Not Vince and not his haters who think he's guilty of murder. So suck it. 4UP for Chris Benoit.


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