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10 Things DC Does That Marvel Would Never Do

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10 Things DC Does That Marvel Would Never Do

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  1. I commonly disagre with this entire video. Where to start marvel vellens are not cookie cuter they give reasons for there motive like thanos or the vulter from homecumming where dc has no reason why there doing this lex Luther they give us no reason why he's doing this know that I think of it the only one that had a reason was doomsday how was only put in the moive to stop the fighting and bring the hero's together now I can go on on about this topic but this comet would be an entire book

  2. DC's Plan: Lets Make It Confusing as FNAF!

    'DC Fans: Yay!

    'Me: …..What?

    Marvel's Plan: Ok, we are going to make this right by setting up a perfect plot line that makes sense to the viewer than making it like the FNAF series…

    'Marvel Fans: Yeah!

    'Me: I Agree, Ya!

  3. So what your saying is, is that DC Will be full on rated R?

    '5 year old Timmy: Hey PikaRed, can we go see Batman, th-

    'Me: shush! That film is better off nothing….lets go see Captain Marvel

    '5 year Old Timmy: Ok! =>

  4. Dc does better than marvel in comics….and that’s it. Tv? Beaten by agents of shield and daredevil. Movies? Dc 1, marvel….much more than 1…villains? Name one good dceu villain. Marvel I can at least name a few. Public opinion? Kids that admire superman or most dc characters beside Batman are few and far in between. Meanwhile u better believe that almost every little boy knows who iron man and Spider-Man and cap are.
    DC has lost everywhere except comics.
    Marvel wins

  5. Here is how this video works
    says the thing DC wins at
    shows and explains why marvel does the thing they say marvel doesnt
    say marvel doesnt actually do that thing
    explain why DC does it but not as good as marvel

  6. Joss Whedon is not working with DC anymore. And since we know that Disney is still intending on making Deadpool films once the acquisition is final Idk one can state factually that the color pallette and look differential would never be utilized in the MCU. DCs commitment to a darker color pallete is not really a good thing. Theres absolutely no contrast in color (nor characterization) with characters that SHOULD have contrast… Such as Superman to batman

  7. These comments prove that 90% of the viewers here are manbabies.

    This video was unbiased as one can get, but everyone is pissing themselves, thinking it's trashtalking one or the other. The mere THOUGHT of someone criticizing their 'fave' sends them into a fanboy frenzy of utter immaturity, on both sides. jfc this is why I stopped acting like I'm a fan of comics, because I want no association with such juvenile asshats.

  8. How are you including Female leads as something Marvel would never do when you say yourself Captain Marvel is the next MCU movie?

    Also DC didn't "beat Marvel to the punch" with a female lead, Marvel had already made Agent Carter and Jessica Jones before Wonderwoman, and have Skye as the lead character in Agents of Shield


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