10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Jun 15)


10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Jun 15)


  1. we already knew The Godfather was almost in the NWO, hell it’s in one of your oldest articles! We also knew the Miz had to use the same bathroom’s, it’s in the same video about Wrestler’s court. You fucking gibbons.

  2. i rocked a piss in the same bathroom with Petey Williams after his match. I was pissing when he came in, now in street clothes. Was cool to meet him, but bad fucking timing. Can't make small talk in a bathroom while pissing.

  3. CM Punk it such a immature baby. I would be happy to no longer be friends with him. If something as fucking dumb and immature as working your dream job and getting paid much more in the WWE is all it takes for him to no longer consider them a friend. That would be like one of his current friends saying yea after you embarrassed yourself and got your ass kicked twice in the UFC we can no longer be friends. Wouldn't be shocked if he threatened AJ Lee they would get a divorce if she didn't leave the WWE.

  4. Corey is such a liar. Punk is still friends with people that work for wwe (Kofi, Big E, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd). Maybe, just maybe, Punk doesn't want to be friends with Corey because Graves is an idiot, the same idiot who defended wwe's medical stuff in his retirement speech, just 1 month after the infamous Colt Cabana's podcast…

  5. Video mentions Finn supporting LGBT people.
    How does my brother react upon hearing this?
    He starts bitching about how LGBT people are wrong/disgusting/should be culled/other extremely bad opinions.


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