5 Times Wrestling Promotions Were Held Ransom


5 Times Wrestling Promotions Were Held Ransom


  1. Most of this list is streching the truth. Hogan had to put over the Japan title as being the biggest because no one will buy a ticket if the other company is better. Jarrett had been working without a contract and was entitled to a contractual ageeement, and Lex left the ring because Brody was screwing around as he has stated in a podcast. Can't put on a show with one actor. C'mon Jules, I expect better journalism!

  2. How was the Hogan Japan interview "holding the WWF hostage?" He wasn't demanding money from Vince in order to stop some behavior. Seriously, before you add events to a list, check to see if those events fit the criteria of the list. I get that youtube channels aren't held to the scrutiny of real journalism, but come on, put in a little effort. But instead, it seems WhatCulture would rather make "your momma" jokes and take digs at Hulk Hogan than put out informative content that logically follows the subject. Thanks for the last 2 years, but I'm unsubscribing from WC. Things need to change at this channel, and that's simply not happening. I wish Simon Miller the best. He's the best part of WC.

  3. Not sure why the promoters don't just get other wrestlers to rough these guys up that hold them hostage and/or get the police involved. The belts belong to them. Keeping them beyond the agreement is theft, is it not? I'd have the Faarooq and Bradshaw waiting for Jarrett backstage if he didn't wanna give up the belt without extorting McMahon.

  4. No stone cold? Didn't stone cold hold the wwe ransom when they were invaded by the alliance (WCW + ECW)? Vince had to beg stone cold to return to the wwe to help with defeating the invaders. Finally stone cold decided to return after walking off at first and assisted to beat the invading forces. This was the biggest ransom of them all as wwe was abt to go out of biz and taken over by wcw and ecw.

  5. The hulk situation is overblown. According to Bruce Prichard everyone knew hulk was taking the belt to Japan, and no one cared what he said over there because it would never be seen in the states. The company didn't need him for a few weeks and it was a payday for Hulk. It wasn't until the internet Era that people saw the video and then people blew it out of proportion.

  6. You forgot a very important detail with the Jeff Jarrett entrant. coincidentally Jeff Jarrett's contract ended the night of the pay-per-view he was supposed to drop the IC title

  7. The WWE forgot to renew Jeff Jarett's contract is how I understood it. Jarett didnt have to wrestle for them ever again.. even though he was champion.. they dont f'ed up.. 6 figures for Jeff..

  8. He didn’t fully cover the Jarrett situation. Jarrett didn’t just ask for the money just ‘cause he was leaving, it was because his contract ended the day before the PPV also. Bold move though. Also he got the flair situation wrong. Almost similar situation except that Herd actually owed him money. Per NWA guidelines, the NWA must make a 25,000$ deposit for the belt when they become champion. After he got fired , Flair asked for but didn’t receive the deposit from Herd. After that incident, Doug Dillinger (head of security for NWA/WCW and Ric Flair’s friend ) was sent to Flairs house to retrieve the belt. He asked for the belt, but Flair didn’t hand it over. Dillinger didn’t barge in to collect because he and Ric are tight, so he just left. Flair allegedly then called Bobby Heenan ( I think ) and explained the situation. And the rest is history. Eventually sometime after Flair joined WWE, Herd paid Flair his deposit and got the belt back.

  9. The hogan entry isn’t how it happened. Hogan was there to put over njpw. He was there to put over how great njpw was and with no internet like today no one was gonna see these comments in the states unless you were the cornball Dave Metzer. Hogan was doing the same thing Foley was doing when he was wcw tag champ and went to ecw. But Cmon Jules your better than this.

  10. I personally think they would have rid Lesnar of the title a long time ago but due to spoilers constantly ruining the outcomes of the match and thus WWE have dragged it out to "swerve" people.


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