6 Things We Learned From Mayweather Vs McGregor


6 Things We Learned From Mayweather Vs McGregor


  1. I disagree with a lot of what you say
    • No hardcore boxing fan took this fight seriously it was a comical JOKE
    • Connor landed because floyd let him when people say Connor did good coz he went 10 rounds with one of the greatest it shows you know absolutely nothing about boxing or mayweather he walked Connor down and threw NOTHING showing his lack of respect for connors boxing skills and power
    • what mayweather did to Connor he could never do to a boxer and floyd knows this that’s why floyd always fights defensive style
    • the reality is this connors boxing is horrendous I’ve see school kids in my local gym with better boxing skills than Connor

  2. Also, you seem to be having trouble coming up with videos so I can help.
    Hardest hitters
    Best trilogies
    Fighters that changed fighting
    Fighters that changed the sport
    Best displays of leg kicks in a fight
    Greatest submission wins
    Biggest upsets
    Fighters who looked unbeatable, until they got their asses handed to them
    Most aggressive fighters
    Most terrifying fighters

  3. If you picked Conner to win raise your hand and stand up! Now slap yourself with it and SIT THE FUCK DOWN!
    Hadn't been for referee Byrd, Conner would have been beaten unconscious in the 10th. I'm sorry for you Conner nutthugger types, but that is the hard TRUTH.

  4. he didnt go up against the bes he went up against a 40 year old 2 years retired boxer who had sp little respect for mcgregor he threw all his boxing out of the window and simply walked down and stopped the 29 year old active current ufc 2 weight world champion how the fuck can mcgregor take any positives away from that oh he won rounds that mayweather didnt throw punches wow he gave rounds up to prolong the fight
    how would mcgregor do against a active fighter canelno or ggg hed be kod in a round

  5. Pisses me off that people don't give Conor props saying Floyd let him get to round 10 I say Floyd started fighting at round 4 and was competitive till round 8 we'll guess what in mma Conor wouldn't let Floyd get to the 3 minute mark so stfu

  6. What we learned is that conor now has maybe 2 more fights before retirement. Good for him, but it's a shame not being able to see a terrific talent like his developing over the years.
    Now that Jones is out, he could've been the next anderson silva or gsp, but the UFC has worked hard to make all that damage and punishment WORTHLESS… Conor understands that, so he prefers the money, there's no glory or legacy in the ufc. Fuck you dana.

  7. 1:Not true, can say that from personal experience
    2:I agree
    3: 9 outta 10 times Not true
    4: He wasn't aggressive until round 5 or 6 but I'll give credit he did go for the finish gg Floyd
    5:No shit lol
    6: I agree

  8. 1 Conor had good rounds because he let him he even told us I'm going to stop him from 8-11 lol

    2 I delivered because Floyd came in a straight line no fait ain't cut off the ring Floyd could have stoped him in 4

    3 his cardio never been so good

    4 Floyd did not respect Conor at all he gave him the same look all fight

    5 he should have keeped punching but he was hurt but ya he's tough

    6 he only did that because Floyd let him

    7 we learned Conor can't punch that uppercut should have atleast buckled him he walk straight throught it


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