7 UFC Moments That Changed Everything


7 UFC Moments That Changed Everything


  1. Ultimate fighting championship started in 93 I remember getting a vhs tape and Gracie only won Bc the French guy broke his hand over that summo wrestler , so he fought Gracie with a Broking hand in the finals

  2. So your knowledge on MMA is equal to that of a google search only the first page for reading material that didn't even go beyond the first 2 paragraphs of a wikipedia page.

    Women's MMA was grandfathered into the UFC from Strikeforce, Rousey had nothing to do with the acquisition of Strikeforce, she had no weight other than her beef with Meisha Tate. Nick Diaz and Overeem were the biggest reasons the UFC ate up Strikeforce. At the time women's mma still had a niche fanbase in forms of Cyborg Santos and the just retired Gina Carano.

  3. Though it was a period of a couple of years rather than a specific moment, the thing that changed everything for the UFC was when Big John and co came up with the modern MMA rules. Without their dedication and at the time UFC owners SEG's funding, MMA wouldn't be the mega attraction it is today if it even still existed at all

  4. I like the WhatCulture list video format, but this has to be the weakest of the channels. The factual content is pretty minimal and it's not presented in a way that big MMA fans can really enjoy. The WWE channel is great and I'd like to see this one become a bit more like that.

  5. This channel is more for wrestling fans who are also sorta gaining interest in mma. If you are a hardcore mma fan, you won't learn shit here, because it's not ment for you. watch mmadigest and stuff

  6. Please keep uploading in this channel, with the incredible rise and popularity of MMA recently this channel can grow massively. Maybe get some MMA analysts and experts to go through UFC events tho

  7. This channel is run by complete mma casuals that make staggering errors in even basic MMA knowledge. Get someone who knows what they're talking about because this channel is terrible. The UFC held its first tournament in 1993, not 1997.


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