8 Things You Need To Know About XFL 2020


8 Things You Need To Know About XFL 2020


  1. Actually it's genius. NFL is turning into the No Fun League and players are either becoming huge cry babies or all talk. So XFL will become the new fun to watch Football…. Maybe.

  2. The XFL was not embarrassing or a complete failure. Vince and NBC cancelled it because it lost more money than they had thought it would. If they had kept going it would have been OK. The old AFL took a few years to get going too.

  3. Does anybody think Vince is restarting the XFL because he feels wrestling is dying? The ratings have been down and it looks more and more like Mr. and Mrs. Stephanie McMahon are running the company. Maybe he's trying to jump ship and let someone else take the fall. Just wondering is all.

  4. never watch a football video on a wrestling channel from the UK that doesnt understand American football and why this is great for american football fans. all he is doing is dragging his wrestling opinion on Vince towards Football and you cant its two completely different topics. he said if you cant follow the rules then dont sign for the XFL. It makes sense. Rules are rules if you dont like them then dont play for the XFL. You missed huge points on why this is important to us American Football fans it gives us options besides the NFL because a majority of fans feel that the NFL has turned their backs on the fan base. if Vince can play his cards right it's gonna be great and its gonna work.

  5. You neglected to mention the most important reason why now Vince has decided to bring back the XFL… he smells blood. The NFL has turned off a significant part of their audience by embracing SJW politics. There's an audience now that is not being served by the NFL unlike when XFL 1.0 debuted. Also, WWE has its own content delivery system now that didn't exist back when XFL 1.0 debuted… so XFL 2.0 can likewise go directly to the audience instead of worrying about television ratings.

  6. You have completely missed the point with what Vince is attempting to do. This is all to do with Trumps criticism of players not respecting the national anthem in NFL and a potential gap in the market

    Vince has seen how this has alienated Americans and is going to produce a pro American version of the sport without players kneeling or having records for violence or drugs etc.

    Trump will obviously endorse the XFL give his heavy criticism of the NFL and his relationship with Vince and that is why the XFL is being relaunched, not these “reasons” in the video


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