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8 Wrestlers You Can Tell HATED Working For WWE

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8 Wrestlers You Can Tell HATED Working For WWE

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  1. NJPW, Impact, Lucha, ROH, PWG, Progress, Revolution Pro, and many other promotions are best with booking and wrestling scenes. If you can work for one of them, great, but if you can work for multiple of them hell yeah

  2. the summit of wrestling that includes wrestling for just one promotion, bitch please.
    Wrestling started as a small thing and people worked together. the only company now that thinks everything and evreyone has to be in its universe can't even book a year long angle because it knows its fanbase has very attention stance.

  3. "Job" to Taker, Rock and Lesnar…

    Three of the undisputed greats of their respective eras, one of which is arguably the greatest wrestler in the history of the WWE…

    And he "jobbed" to them…

    He should have been glad that they even bothered with him.

  4. I’ve been watching Wwf/Wwe my whole life but I want to expand. Finn Balor, TM61 and other have made me realized there is so much more. What are other programs and how do I get into them? I’m willing to pay a small amount for an online subscription but want to know what. Thanks all’

  5. The title to this video doesn't seem completely accurate in all cases. While it's certainly true for guys like CM Punk and Goldberg, I don't think it's necessarily true for guys like Brock Lesnar. Maybe towards the end of his first run in WWE you could say Brock hated working for WWE but you can't say that Brock hates making a shit ton of money working a part-time schedule and being made to look like a monster at every given opportunity. If Brock hates working for WWE, then why has he stuck around for so long?


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