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Adult Website Offers to Produce More Sense8

Adult Website Offers to Produce More Sense8


Adult website xHamster has offered to produce season 3 of Netflix’s recently canceled sci-fi drama series Sense8. While it may not have captured mass market attention the way House of Cards or Stranger Things has, the series, created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, earned a passionate cult following. That cult then found itself hugely disappointed when Netflix announced the cancellation of the series on June 1, part of its recent effort to cut costs by dropping some of its lower-performing series.

Fans of Sense8 soon launched a campaign to save the show, either by pushing Netflix to reverse its decision or possibly find it another home. The campaign succeeded, at least partially, when Netflix announced a few weeks later that Sense8 would receive a two-hour wrap-up finale, to debut on the streaming service in 2018. Even after that, fans have retained hope, and now an unlikely entity has stepped up to offer a path to a new season of Sense8.

Alex Hawkins, the vice president of xHamster, a popular adult website, has written and released a letter to the Wachowskis offering to produce a third season of Sense8, CraveOnline reported this week. The letter goes on to offer to spend the site’s entire production budget on the series. It also appeals to both the values of the series and those of the filmmakers, both of whom are out transgender women and advocates for LGBT people:

“We also have the disposition. We know that a series about polymorphous perversity is a hard sell for a mainstream network like Netflix. We have no such limitations, and also understand implicitly the interconnectedness of sexualities across boundaries… xHamster has a long history of fighting for the rights of sexual speech, and non-normative sexuality…  in addition to allowing billions of users to to connect with individual articulations of gender and sexuality,  we continue to use our audience to speak up against repressive anti-LGBTQ laws in the US and abroad, and for sex ed in public schools Planned Parenthood and the rights of sex workers.”

Don’t expect this to result in another season of Sense8, however. For one thing, the “public offer” by a pornography company is an old, often-used publicity stunt that very seldom leads to a project coming to fruition. Just about everyone who’s ever gotten into a public sex scandal in the last ten years, especially politicians, has gotten an “offer” from one porn company or another to appear in a video, usually in the form of a press release. They tend not to say yes.

Another question is whether or not xHamster really has the money on hand to produce an entire season of a relatively high-budget TV series — one the economics of which Netflix couldn’t seem to crack. That Netflix is on board for the wrap-up movie would seem to indicate that Sense8 won’t be finding another production partner, xHamster or not, although the Wachowskis have indicated that they are writing a third season.

Sense8 will air a two-hour series finale special in 2018 on Netflix.

Source: Crave Online


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