Aquaman’s 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions


Aquaman’s 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions


  1. Ok, before I get ripped a new one, I have yet to see Aquamans. And this might be answered in the movie, but why the change in armor… from (bleh) Justice League? Just curious, because in the movie shows the more comic based amor…vs JL

  2. Hi is a metahuman which means he is above regular atlanteans Atlanta teams aren't that far from humans to begin with genetically and finally if you want to read comics and list facts then why not list the entire freaking fact instead of cutting get off of the halfway point to make your video longer

  3. Mera isn't the only one that can waterbend others from Xebel can waterbend too, but the movie was handling a lot of things. maybe they didn't have enough money to showcase other Xebeleans doing it. we might see it in a sequel, because the budget might be bigger

  4. Every Royal member of Atlantis have different sets of power. Like Mera control the water. So Aquaman can talk to fish .
    Another thing is the like creature of different kingdoms are evovle did that due the accident and and for same reason Atlantis can breath underwater . .
    3 last kingdoms is of core of Earth. Lost hidden and also called as hidden sea .

  5. The reason he is so powerful comes from a mix of training from one of the most powerful Atlanteans ever, his innate ability to talk to fish, and the trident. He didn't overthrow Orm until he got the trident.


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