Bethenny Frankel Shades Ramona Singer in Nasty Tweet! – The Real Housewives


Bethenny Frankel Shades Ramona Singer in Nasty Tweet! – The Real Housewives


Yikes – I think it’s safe to say that the Skinnygirl did not come to make friends this season.

After being allegedly ganged up at during the reunion, losing her former bestie Carole and even breaking up with Dennis you would think Bethenny may have humbled herself a little. Well, think again. The B recently sent out a tweet not only shading Ramona, but also hinting other ‘wives should stop trying to create their own businesses, reminding everyone that she was the top dog in the business world (try not to roll your eyes.) In her tweet Bethenny states:

“And as a business woman, I am done allowing people to pretend business is easy or have pretend parties to launch products that are fairytales. Watch cartoons if you want fantasy.”

This tweet began after a fan asked why she didn’t attend Ramona’s skincare launch to which Bethenny replied because it “doesn’t exist.”

Listen, I’m not going to try and defend Ramona’s skincare line as I haven’t heard anything about it outside the show. I will say that Ramona is an extremely successful businesswoman and has been, years before Skinnygirl even was created. When it comes to business, Ramona deserves some respect as she was self-made long before RHONY or Bethenny came around.

As for these ‘fake launch parties?’ I agree the housewives have gone overboard trying to promote/create everything under the sun so I’ll cut Bethenny some slack there. However, let’s not forget that Bethenny had many failed businesses before the launch of Skinnygirl so even if Ageless by Ramona is a flop, that’s doesn’t mean she can’t try again and and eventually have a successful skincare line. Considering Ramona and the other ‘wives have basically watched RHONY turn into a Skinnygirl commercial you would think the B would be a little more supportive of the other women’s products. There’s room enough for everyone to be successful Bethenny!

Update: Apparently Ramona’s Ageless by Ramona site doesn’t exist.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s tweet? Was she right or just being a ‘B’?


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