Wrestler Attacked by Fan For Spitting Gum at Child (VIDEO)  A wrestler named Devin Danger was attacked by a fan at an Impact Wrestling-related event this weekend after the worker spit gum at a young child in the audience.It all went down in Salinas, California at a Big Time Wrestling...
Linda McMahon reportedly being favored for promotion within Donald Trump’s cabinet  It looks like United States President Donald Trump is favoring Linda McMahon for a promotion within his cabinet. CNBC reports Trump is looking for a new Commerce Secretary, and McMahon is being favored for the bump. While McMahon might be...
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Daniel Bryan tells WWE, “use me or lose me.”Daniel Bryan wanting to wrestle is not a new story by any means, but our sources have told us, that the situation between the WWE and Daniel Bryan is more fractured than ever after Monday night’s Raw 25th Anniversary show.Vince McMahon...
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