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Demi Lovato Hospitalized After Heroin Overdose

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Demi Lovato Hospitalized After Heroin Overdose

Demi Lovato overdosed on Heroin earlier today. After being revived by first respondents, Demi Lovato was immediatly rushed to the hospital were she remains.

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This comes just one short month after Demi Lovato revealed that she had relapsed with alcohol after six straight years of sobriety. Ironically enough “Sober” is the title of one of her new hit singles.

Los Angeles Police Department responded to Demi Lovato’s Hollywood Hills home after revieving a a call at 11:37 A.M. about a possible OD of a 25-year-old female in Hollywood.

Demi Lovato was immediatly treated with Narcan, which is used to treat narcotic overdoses.
Demi Lovato’s condition remains to be unknown at this time.

The overdose comes just one month after Lovato admitted in a heartbreaking new song “Sober” that she had relapsed following six years of sobriety.

“I got no excuses, for all of these goodbyes. Call me when it’s over, ’cause I’m dying inside,” Lovato sang.

Following this most recent relapse friends of the troubled singer have revealed that Demi Lovato has continued to go off the rails.

“No one can get her attention,” said a friend. “Her team tried to hire a sober coach, and she went nuts!”

Another friend of Demi Lovato’s added: “Everyone knows Demi is off the rails.”

“Everyone around her just hopes that she will get help before something tragic happens.”

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