Did WWE Just Prove They Won’t Ever Push Matt Hardy?


Did WWE Just Prove They Won’t Ever Push Matt Hardy?


  1. idk dont know if it hurt him but it does feel weird. there should've been spooky shenanigans or something to interrupt the match to build the feud more. i dont think either one of them should get a clean win over the other until the feud goes for a pay per view or 2.

  2. It's not just Matt that's getting the low to mid card treatment. Even more surprisingly, they're doing the same to Jeff. They teased his return and so did Matt, so you'd at least expect an entrance and a promo of some sorts to get a pop out of the crowd and set up a future rivalry or match with someone. I was almost sure he'd come out and confront The Miz after his victory. Instead, they shoved him into a poker segment with has beens and jobbers. There couldn't have been a more disrespectful treatment. Hell, his later in-ring entrance and reunion with Matt wasn't even aired. And I get that he's still healing from his surgery, but that was not the way to show what's technically his first live return since him leaving a few months ago. Either do it properly or leave him out of it until he's ready for wrestling.

  3. Wwe could make this good, the same way could make a lot of things good but don't, just have Bray Wyatt say something to the effect of you let all your fans down buy losing so quickly, boom rematch set up, fan disappoint acknowledged, have it be longer. you cant fix the Manhattan center, but you can move on. Of course they'll act like nothing happend tho

  4. wwe already did what they wanted to do and that was get a little hardy boyz buzz, make some money from it and then move on to the next thats all they wanted. aint nobody really checking for matt hardy or jeff it was just a nostalgic moment that didnt last for long having them coming back at wrestlemania to boost some ratings

  5. Maybe he's going from Woken to Broken given he's got 100% legal rights and they are building to Mania match? The Revival, not even close to getting buried via legends. The Ascension just came out running down legendary tag teams and got destroyed. The Revival, just had a match with Gallows & Anderson then took every finisher, with Balor ending it with his. F

  6. The difference between the Ascension and The Revival is at least the WWE had the brains to let The Revival get beat up by some young guys first The Ascension was just beat up by some old guys…..That kick by Anderson tho was freaking awesome then the round house by Gallows WHHHHAAAAAT!

  7. Since when do feuds end with one match? The only time you see that is when Hogan plays his "creativity clause" and refuses to do the rest of the fights.

    If Bray & Matt just laughed back and forth at each for weeks, culminating in one match, that would be lame. It has to get bigger and more meaningful than that, and this was the start of that.

  8. WWE only hired him to kill Impact's momentum … same thing with ROH's prospects, NJPW's Shinsuke Nakamura and Bullet Club, and LU's Ricochet. They don't care, they just want to ruin these other companies.

  9. I dont get you. First you say Bray Wyatt needs a push, now you're saying Matt needs 1 after beating Bray? Someone else you say needs a p push? A few weeks ago you said they need to stop pushing roman. Before that you said he NEEDS to beat the undertaker, afterwords you complained about him losing. Dont you think Matt got a big push at wm33 with the tag titles? Whats your point? What are you getting at? You say all these things, then take it back by saying something different about them later?

  10. I agree, I'm very nervous! I know a lot of people seem to think you're over reacting! But the fact that an injured Jeff hardy got more from that show last night then Matt did really pissed me off!

  11. What the hell is wrong with you guys? You're so desperate to get noticed you just make up non-existing stories? So Hardy loses ONE match and suddenly he will never be over? WTF? Are you really that stupid truly? And what if Hardy had won, had you then made a video stating "WWE will never let Wyatt become viable!" ??

    You guy guys have really fallen so so badly.


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