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Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked

Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked


It’s hard to imagine a time when Netflix was just a DVD mailing service– that cool new invention your parents wanted to try so they could start that family movie night tradition.

Looking back at this point in time, a system that delivered maybe one or two movies to you at a time, usually on a weekly basis, seems downright archaic. Now the idea of watching such few movies at such a glacial pace comes across as utterly preposterous.

Since its early days, Netflix has evolved substantially. It began streaming movies and TV shows directly online, and it wasn’t long before it started producing content of its own.

In time, huge networks like HBO and Showtime would struggle to push out even a fraction of the shows that Netflix was providing at a rapid pace.

Soon, many of these shows would make big waves at awards shows. Some would quickly establish themselves as future classics, sther shows… not so much.

Below is a list of Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked Worst To Best.

This list excludes foreign imports (like Happy Valley and Lovesick) and direct continuations of already existing shows (Arrested Development and Black Mirror), but reboots and revivals are fair game.

37. Real Rob

Rob Schneider as Real Rob Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked Worst To Best

Any show with Rob Schneider’s name on it is instantly primed for face-palming and endless head-shakery.

It doesn’t help that the topic — a standup comedian’s everyday life — has been exhausted at this point, pulled of by numerous far better shows (a couple of which are on Netflix).

Real Rob follows the life of a standup named Rob as he navigates the day-to-day with his wife, played by Schneider’s wife in real life, Patricia, and their daughter, Miranda.

While Rob Schnider can be admired for funding, directing, and writing the whole show, he falls catastrophically short of the works of Louis C.K., who took a similar approach to Louie on FX and Horace and Pete.

Whether people want it to or not, Real Rob will trudge onwards into a second season this year.

36. Fuller House

fuller house season 3 expanded episodes Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked Worst To Best

Reviving old TV shows is all the rage these days, but one has to wonder why this is when watching Fuller House.

While Fuller House must’ve roped in plenty of viewers for Netflix– enough for it to get renewed for a second and then third season– it’s doubtful many walked away feeling better for having watched this Full House continuation.

Fuller House was the first big TV revival to pose the question every revival following it would have to answer: is it worth it?

The reboot focused on the next generation of Tanners, putting D.J. (here played once again by Candace Cameron Bure), front and center.

If D.J.’s plight sounds familiar — the widowed mother of three kids recruits her sister and best friend to help raise them — it’s because it almost exactly duplicates the premise to Full House.

This fact reflected poorly on what Fuller House would become, which is a derivative reboot that pales in comparison to what came before.

35. Hemlock Grove

Landon Liboiron Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked Worst To Best

Though Netflix started it’s tenure as an original content provider strong with House of Cards, it would hit a couple of stumbling blocks before it came upon it’s streak of hits.

Between Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix sandwiched in a horror TV show called Hemlock Grove. 

Produced by horror fanatic Eli Roth and based on a novel by Brian McGreevy, Hemlock Grove managed to garner a meager cult following, enough to propel the show to three seasons. However, Grove still sticks out like a sore, sloppily made, painstakingly paced thumb in Netflix’s early days.

The series followed the supernatural going-ons in Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania. It starred Famke Janssen of X-Men and Goldeneye fame, along with Bill Skarsgård and Landon Liboiron.

While Hemlock Grove reportedly had an opening weekend better than House of Card‘s first season, it quickly proved its own lack of lasting power  while shows around it began to thrive.

34. Iron Fist

Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Iron Fist 1 Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked Worst To Best

Netflix and Marvel Television began a fruitful relationship with Daredevil back in 2015. Things only got better with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Unfortunately, they can’t all be winners, as Marvel’s fourth show on the streaming site would prove. Whitewashing aside, there’s still plenty to groan at in Iron Fist, which is Marvel’s most reviled TV joint on Netflix or elsewhere.

After surviving a plane crash that killed his parents, Danny Rand spent years training monks in K’un-Lun. Danny wound up becoming a fierce warrior, but failed to become an interesting or even likable character.

With a grating main character and a premise unfortunately similar to Arrow, a far better superhero show from DC, Iron Fist crashed hard with critics. Even the fans were none too pleased.


Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

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