Fan Theories That Completely Change Popular Movies


Fan Theories That Completely Change Popular Movies


  1. Tim Burton Films: Bro not true just so much evidence.
    Star Wars: Absolutley (probably) True
    Harry Potter: Not a huge HP fan but it could be true
    Fury Road: I hope its true
    LOTR: Do I even need to explain?

  2. It says in the books that Harry is a horcrux which is why he had to be killed by Voldemort, otherwise Voldermort would have came back again. And Anakin is the chosen one. He balanced the force (just not the way that the jedi masters wanted. He killed most of the jedi leaving 2 jedi and 2 sith meaning that the force is balanced

  3. There is no plot hole of the eagles being at Gandalf's command because they aren't. In the books(which are better than the movie in all respects) the time the eagles are mention is not because Gandalf called them but they came for totally different reason or another.
    Gandalf's escape from isengard via the eagles was because the eagle was sent to bring a message and didn't plan on rescuing Gandalf.
    For the climax of the battle of five armies,rescuing the dwarfs,bilbo and gandalf and rescuing Frodo, the eagles had seen trouble and came to aid, not because Gandalf called them or that he has 24 hour eagle service.

  4. I hate the way this video was presented it was really annoying. Also that Tim Burton theory makes no sense. All three films take place in completely different time periods and locations so jack and the two Victors are clearly not all the same person.

  5. There are so many people who are ranting in the comments that Anakin is the chosen one not Luke! But the video is Fan theories that completely change movies Its not canon so stop ranting!

  6. Luke is NOT the chosen one. Anakin has been specifically stated as the chosen one several times. He’s the one that vanquished The Sith, Luke did not (Anakin is also the only one to kill any Sith Lord in the entire saga). He was also able to tame both children of Mortis, something only the Father or the chosen one could do, since he’s not the former, by definition, he’s the latter.

    Also I don’t know what prophecy she quoted, but I’ve never heard it before in Star Wars lore. In the other hand, the Jedi council explained that the prophecy reads the the chosen one was conceived of Medichloraints (spelling?) Luke was conceived in a normal fashion, but Anakin was seemingly born from nowhere according to his mother.

    And above all else, Lucasfilm has specifically stated that Anakin is, always has been, and always will be the chosen one! As this is something Lucas always intended, and is one of a few things they must honour.

    rant over
    (See what I did there)

  7. The Harry Potter haucraux theory simply doesn't hold up. I've got a better theory that fixes the holes of that, and it is all about controlled opposition. That's right, Dumbledore and Snape are both on Voldemort's side, and willing to put together a show and even die to help Voldemort win. And also, Harry IS NOT a haucraux. It simply doesn't work. Snape is always seemingly changing sides (which is a big distraction) untill he dies to enable Voldemort to make Harry a haucraux, Dumbledore seemingly never fights the battles he expects 10 year olds to win for him. Don't you think he should've been able to figure out about Quarrel, the basalisk and Riddle diary, and been able to conjure a powerful petronas to keep dementors away from students AT THE VERY LEAST? Obviously, they are both working for Voldemort. With memories, those are not reliable because they can be easily altered. Want more proof? Lets look at a major inspiration for Hogwarts, Blackwood School from Down a Dark Hall. Both are old castles haunted by magical ghosts with pasts. At Blackwood the head of the school is the main villian because she uses children as slaves for more art from great artists of the past (ie, their magical ghosts), and the head of the school purchased the property through selling a "little known work" from one of these artists taken from a student at another one of her locations. At her other locations, all of the students died promptly or were put in insane asylums once they left. Obviously, Hogwarts wasn't purchased due to art produced by child slaves, but who says it doesn't also have a dark secret of being a purposeful child death trap? Sorry if I ruined your childhood with this theory, it's the only logical conclusion though.

  8. Anakin/Vader is still the chosen one. He did join the Jedi and then the Sith, bringing balance to the Force then destroying the Sith after vanquishing the Emperor, so Anakin is still the chosen one despite that.

  9. We already have concluded that Luke would be the chosen one. Also Minerva and Dumbledore are talking before they leave Harry there and she says are you sure to leave them them with these dreadful people. So ya. Plus ya Gandalf was trying to get the eagles.

  10. The LotR has been explained over and over and it is only a problem from false assumptions made purely by movie watchers. The eagles rarely have anything to do with people in a positive way and are not at anyones beck and call despite having a rare bond with Gandalf. If Gandalf had summoned them and the eagles agreed the party would have been ripped to pieces by the forces of Mordor since they controlled the skies. The eagles at the end part only worked because of all that happened it the meantime.


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