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Here’s Every Single STAR WARS Project In The Works Right Now

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Here’s Every Single STAR WARS Project In The Works Right Now

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  1. You forgot the rumored SKYWALKER movie following Luke after return of the Jedi leading up to the new Jedi temple. (Starring Sebastian Stan as 30y-45y old Luke Skywalker going to the ancient Jedi temples gathering knowledge and artifiacts as well as finding kyber crystals to train new Jedi. If you haven't seen the "Sebastian Stan Luke Skywalker" yet. It's INSANE. Both Mark and Sebastian Acknowledge it publically and on social media. And stan says he wants to do it

  2. Here's my pitch for Broom Kid: A Star Wars Story. Finn and Rose set the racing animals free just so they could escape, but they left the slave children there. And all they have to show for it is some old ring. Broom Kid will remember this…
    Shortly after Kylo becomes a memory, the Dark Side seeks a new host. And in one boy, it senses great anger.
    So, Broom Kid becomes the terror of the galaxy: Darth Sweeper… Anakin Groundskeeper… Cinder-Vader!

  3. To be honest, I think I might be done with Star Wars after Episode 9. Ever since there were rumours of 9 Episodes back in the 80s, I've wanted to see the trilogy of trilogies completed. And… yeah. That's about it. Rogue One didn't impress me much. I'm not that interested in Solo's solo – I mean, we already know his backstory. Knights of the Old Republic could be cool, but there's no plan for that yet. Once the 9 are finally done, there isn't much for me to care about.

  4. Knights of the old republic! Great character possibilities, the video game story arc was solid, and Judy drench must be Kraya. Also, the lead singer of cannibal corpse should voice Darth Nihilus

  5. I want a Leia origin story. We basically don't know anything about her. How she went from Vaders kid, to princess, to rebel leader. She's a badass, and she deserves the Solo treatment.


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