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How Triple H Brought 5-Star Matches Back To WWE

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How Triple H Brought 5-Star Matches Back To WWE

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  1. I’ve been watching Wwf/Wwe my whole life but I want to expand. Finn Balor, TM61 and other have made me realized there is so much more. What are other programs and how do I get into them? I’m willing to pay a small amount for an online subscription but want to know what. Thanks all’

  2. Oh god Triple H please don't turn WWE into a next NJPW or ROH if u get the company. A bunch of athletic guys that can flip and fly a lot but have no personality. WWE is more successful because people invest in the CHARACTERS as much as the actual wrestling

  3. Almas v. Gargano was absolutely a 5 star match, but I dont understand why everyone takes Meltzer's ratings as fact, as if its the word of Godhimself. Its nice to have a rating system for reference, but its only one man's opinion at the end of the day. For example, HBK v. Taker at WM25 was only given a 4.75. But if you surveyed the fans, and asked them to name their top 3 favorite matches, more often than not HBK v. Taker would be in that top 3

  4. It's very simple, really: Triple H is a wrestler. He began training and debuted in 1992 and worked in the IWF and various indie promotions on the east coast before working a year in WCW, then moving to WWF. Vince has NEVER been a real wrestler- he's always been a businessman first, and whenever he DID get in the ring (to get beat up by Stone Cold or Shane, or choke out Steph with a length of pipe) he did it because he sees himself as an entertainer. He's never actually respected wrestling like Hunter does, or understood psychology and how to work the crowd like people who've actually worked in the ring. And that's why Triple H can make not only NXT but things like the Cruiserweight Classic, the UK Championship Tournament and the Mae Young Classic into solid gold wrestling.

  5. Jesus Christ am I the only one sick of the "only focus on wrestling and not character buildup or storylines?" We will never have a classic match like Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker. Nobody on this roster will ever have the same level of charisma as either of these men and nobody is talking about any of these guys other than people already watching or more specifically the smarks. The problem is why should I care about a match if there's no good storyline or if the characters are stale as fuck? I'm not excited for these matches I don't care how "amazing they were in NJPW or in the indies" it doesn't matter to me because I don't even have to watch them in the indies to know that they're gonna be watered the fuck down. If Triple H is gonna keep the company going in this direction then I won't be surprised to see the ratings go down more and more.


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