How Vince McMahon Will React To ROH Selling Out MSG


How Vince McMahon Will React To ROH Selling Out MSG


  1. I really hope Kenny, Okada, Cody, and the young bucks all stay the fuck away from WWE. No ammount of in ring talent can save that product until booking figures itself out. They wont outshine the shows mediocrity, they will be dragged down to it

  2. Great, informative video. One criticism though… The "Simon" ass kissing in these videos has reached a FEVER PITCH!! As if Simon is the only person who ever took up lifting and put on a few lbs. I don't think people need to nut hug his balls in every video. At this point it's far from funny and is only embarrassing yourselves. Im sure he gets 2nd hand embarrassment every time he sees one of these. So give it a rest, and keep flexing those amazing MINDS for the business you guys seem to have in SPADES!!!

  3. Triple H, not Vince McMahon, is the motivating force here. McMahon's concern is making Roman Reigns the face of the company and little else, talent-wise. He deals with macro issues like corporate image, advertising dollars and the financial bottom line. I don't think he personally pays attention to any product outside the WWE.

  4. This is the paradigm shift. Cody won't go back to Vince until he's an Ambassador because he knows he's just going to get ribbed and trapped back in Stardust. The Bucks are the most likely to go to WWE right now but I think once they get some sweet All In cash they will realize how much power they can truly get. Kenny needs 2 more years or so in Japan to reach the level where he can truly be free in WWE and enter straight at the top AJ style instead instead of slogging through NXT. Worldwide territories man…this is going to be a beautiful era. I may be biased though; I spent 3 digits on tickets for MSG. #BringBackPyro

  5. they will just squander the new talent, every since triple h has been running the show he has proven he doesn't want them to thrive and instead try to ruin them. look at the majority of wcw roster that came over after the buyout. several even suffered career ending injuries, what a coincidence.

  6. You my dear are living in a FANTASY world.
    24 times. 24 times 24 times MORE $ than its competition. VINCE COULD BUY the entire roster if he wanted to.
    As a wrestler who feeds his family with his craft, it’s gets to a point where WWE may offer BUCKS OMEGA even CODY a sum of $ that’s just plain IRRESPONSIBLE for them NOT TO TAKE.
    This was a BIG CASE that often happened to guys who were offered “cnt say no” contracts in WCW..
    AS MUCH AS THOSE Passionate guys want to enjoy & practice their craft in their way…

  7. It would such a huge loss if any of the big stars in ROH/NJPW left! I don’t even call anyone from those companies indie stars anymore cuz I don’t see them that way. And really if they did go to WWE I feel they would just get horribly booked n get lost in the shuffle! WWE just feels mostly like a kids show now a days. Just saying

  8. If Sinclair Broadcasting ever decides to get serious about wrestling, they will swat Vince like he's a fly. Sinclair is HUGE. Vince better watch out that he doesn't poke the Sinclair bear too many times.

  9. They sold out as it's wrestlemania weekend and the 72,000 out the 80,000 that couldn't get tickets for NXT have decided to do something else and ROH/NJPW show is there to fill that

  10. after listening to how little talent gets paid in the WWE the doctors issues etc etc. I would have to say if I was a wrestler in ROH or New Japan despite the "prestige of being in the WWE. I would have to decline the offer. I have seen over the past 4-5 years so much talent go to waste once they hit the main WWE roster via sheer stupidity alone.

  11. Lol I get that the wwe is shit now…but now thinking more about it, why do ppl want the company to just die? They’ve just had a rather unfortunate decade so far(all bcuz of their decisions,mostly anyway I should add) but the company shouldn’t go to waste yet but if this type of decade happens again in the 2020s….welp fate will decide 🤨🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. .. do people tend to forget that Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the owners of Ring of Honor, are a BILLION Dollar company? There revenue is over 2 Billion and there total assets are almost 6 Billion. I'd say, they are viable competion. Compared to WWE's 729 Milliion revenue and 600 Million in assets. If anything, if SBG wanted to make WWE #2 in the states the could!!!

  13. Vince letting Cody go was the catalyst for change….fast forward 2 years and now you have ROH and NJPW both doing wonders, ALL IN, Jericho's Sea Cruise and more promotions becoming relevant like the NWA. Hopefully this brings a return to the days of the renaissance of wrestling.

  14. Anybody that vince scoops out of ROH or NJPW is just going to WWE for more money. Exactly how many people in WWE want to be there and how many are just there for the money.

  15. WWE has forgotten that competition is a good thing. The reason they are where they are today is because there were enough fans that wanted their product over WCW. WCW made very bad booking decisions which is why they fizzled out and got bought by WWE. If ROH or NJPW can keep up with their stellar stories and bookings compared to WWE's lack of appeasing fan input then there could be a time in the near future where we see the WWE as the present day WCW.

  16. Nah Vince wouldn’t care😂 the dude is 70 year old successful billionaire, why tf he would care about the tiny indy success… he literally doesn’t care, but leave it to this crackhead version of simon miller to tell else.

  17. Vince has nobody to blame but himself for this MSG show…..If you claim MSG as your hallowed halls that your company is the only company that has used that building in over 5 decades…..But then during the biggest weekend of your year you go over to your sidepiece at Barclays….I dont blame MSG one damn little bit for looking elsewhere to find shows that will sell out….HAHHAHAHA EAT IT Vince you old out of touch doofus

  18. He may pooch some talent but the ones eventually let go, will thrive. WWE will no longer have leverage in trying to keep its talent and will no longer feel compelled to stay.

  19. like I said, Vince needs to shit or get off the pot. He has the inability to accept situation with other wrestling territories, doing their business activities. He likes to keep this low maintenance in his business because it convenient and showcase the audience more. ROH and NJPW are on the track to get more recognition and being accepted with a true pro wrestling fans. And all Vince does is bitching about other territories that would put him out of business. He sit here blame life for dealing with his cruddy hands, never once accept with other promotions. He doesn't want to change his style of wrestling, any attempt to change it would shatter the pathetic microcosm, he fashioned himself and his business.


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