Insane Things Happening In Wrestling (Jan 11)


Insane Things Happening In Wrestling (Jan 11)


  1. 1 – Wrestling will always have his darker side unfortunately…
    2 – Well, Hogan's CAN honour his friend's memory (although he's still persona non-grata IMO).
    3 – IMO The Revival should go to AEW. They can have memorable matches with The Young Bucks.
    4 – I'm actually excited to see what AEW will do. Banning Elite fans is going to hurt WWE in the long run. Old Man Vince never changes!
    5 – I'm surprised Old Man Vince won't erase very Jericho match in WWE Network.
    6 – I still want to stroke Phil's beard… Viscera vs. Kurt Angle will end with Angle falling asleep while waiting for Viscera to enter the ring.

  2. Viscera vs Angle: Out of comfort zone. First to 5.
    Viscera has to land 5 top rope moonsaults to win. Angle has to put 5 powerbombs on Viscera.
    Place, time, reason… I don't care. I want to see that 😀

  3. Fantasy booking match up? Dead folk allowed? Can you imagine Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks in a modern ring? It would sound like the world was ending when one of those guys hit the deck.

  4. When someone pulls a jizz filled condom out of their trunks and shoves it into his opponent's mouth, its good to know the What Culture staff will be there to defend it. Yes the Attitude Era was sexist, yes there was a lot of garbage back then, old garbage doesn't absolve new garbage. Also Combat Zone is a fringe promotion that no one should emulate.

    Lastly somehow Ronda Rousey had a successful MMA career without fishing in her trunks. Get this performance art garbage out of wrestling.

  5. Mysterio vs. Almas @ WM 35. Almas disrespects the lucha culture and criticize Rey's mask and tradition. Rey challenges Almas to a Mask vs. Mask match. If Almas loses, he wears a mask and embraces the culture again. Rey loses, he's unmasked.

  6. I just have this mad idea where AEW is in reality just an idea by Vince and he just denies it so that it looks like serious competition for his first business. So that in the end his first business WWE and his second business AEW push each other by being competition for each other. And the only person who knows this is Vince hisself and the people who run AEW. I know that this is not the case but just imagine something like that came out some day.. EVERYBODY would go crazy.. just imagine.. ( yes. i really belive that this old man was crazy enough to pull off such a thing… )

  7. Viscera vs Angle
    Halloween Havoc…mostly for the large pumpkin decor
    The bell rings…suddenly the back of Vicsera begins to unzip. It's Lucha House Party! Overtaken by the unexpected triple threat, Angle falls. Lince Dorado gets the pin and the biggest win of his career.

  8. The demon Finn Balor vs 90’s Undertaker in a buried alive match, within a hell in a cell. Someone will be deeper then Jeules mom then I was while he was on holiday. There’s my one per comment! Love you Jeules, and the W.C. Team.


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