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Inside America’s Deadliest Mass Shootings

Jamie Florence



Inside America’s Deadliest Mass Shootings


George Hennard drove his pickup truck into a Texas cafeteria in 1991. After surviving the crash, he stepped out with a massive arsenal and proceeded to killing 23 innocent bystanders before taking his own life.

Jame Huberty also committed his brutal crime at a local fast food restaurant – in San Ysidro, California. He carried a shotgun, handgun and Uzy to a McDonalds in 1984 where he killed 21 victims and tortured many others. Both adults and children died in the terrifying incident until a police officer shot the crazed killer down.

Former Marine Charles Whitman took he lives of 16 people at the University of Texas in 1966 after he climbed up to the observation deck and started shooting. He wounded 30 more before cops shot him dead. Later, the corpses of his wife and mother were found. Whitman is now known as the “Texas Tower Sniper” for his deadly crime.

Married ISIS couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 of Farook’s co-workers during an office holiday party, later to die in a shootout with cops. The killer duo had left their 6-year-old daughter with her grandmother that day, claiming she had a doctor’s appointment and had to stay home. The incident took place in December 2 of 2015.

Jiverly Wong murdered 13 victims in New York City in April 3 of 2009. He took his own life after wounding four more. The incident occurred inside an immigrant community center where the killer had taken English classes. The incident was marked as the worst mass murder since 9/11 at the time. murdered 13 victims in New York City in April 3 of 2009. He took his own life after wounding four more. The incident occurred inside an immigrant community center where the killer had taken English classes. The incident was marked as the worst mass murder since 9/11 at the time.

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Hypocritical ‘Values Voters’ Don’t Care If Trump Groped Women (TWEET)



Hypocritical ‘Values Voters’ Don’t Care If Trump Groped Women (TWEET)


One of the most disheartening moments of the 2016 campaign came when the infamous “Access Hollywood” tapes came out, and the religious right still continued to bow down to Donald Trump. On paper, the Trump campaign should have been finished once we learned Trump had been caught on tape declaring that he could treat women any way he wanted–even “grab ’em by the p***y”–because he was a celebrity.

But believe it or not, the nation’s so-called moral guardians tried to tell us that really didn’t matter as much as ending abortion, marriage equality, the Iran deal, and other items on the religious right bucket list. They also tried to tell us that they were more concerned about this nation having a future than the prospect of having a president who reveled in degrading women. That, and that alone, is why Trump was able to stay alive.

That mentality extended to the rank and file as well. I know from experience. My view of those tapes was simple. I would not even consider allowing Trump into my house using that kind of degrading language–so why would I vote to put him in the people’s house? But a number of my more conservative friends asked me the same question they’d asked me since the campaign began–how could I, a charismatic/Pentecostal Christian, even think about voting for a baby killer?

That mentality seemed to be very much on display at the 2017 Values Voters Summit. ThinkProgress’ Kira Lerner spoke to a number of attendees about Trump’s past debauchery. Their response was more or less the same–it wasn’t a big deal for them.

Denise Hopkins of Mandeville, Louisiana had hoped that “a conservative constitutionalist” would get the Republican nomination. However, she was now convinced that Trump was “an answer to our prayers.” Noting that Trump had once been a Democrat, Hopkins said that Trump’s turn to the right proved that “we’re all a work in progress.” She believed that Trump “doesn’t say things in the most artful form,” but believed that she had good instincts. Uh huh. So bragging about moving on women and kissing them without their consent is merely not artful?

Susan Blake of South Florida was impressed that Trump seemed to have “really evolved” with the help of the “good, Christian people” in his circle, like Vice President Mike Pence. This seems to echo a common sentiment among fundies–Trump’s debauched and degrading comments didn’t matter because they came before he supposedly got saved sometime during the campaign.

Really, Susan? Would you be convinced that Trump has “evolved” if you knew that he retweeted this?

Trump retweeted this outrageous GIF depicting him knocking Hillary Clinton down with a tee shot on the morning of September 17. It’s still on his Twitter feed as I write this on Sunday night.

On paper, this should have put to rest any notion that Trump was any kind of Christian. It’s hard to imagine how anyone with Jesus in his heart would have even thought about hitting the retweet button. Moreover, it should have left no doubt that the same man who declared he could “grab ’em by the p***y” is now in the White House.

Most left-leaning Christians–including yours truly–have known for some time that Trump’s efforts to curry favor with fundies are just another Trumpian swindle. But the fact this outrageous tweet is still on his feed should eliminate any doubt that Trump is taking the religious right for a ride. If the people who attended the Values Voters Summit, as well as other fundie Trump diehards, stopped bowing down to Trump long enough, they’d see it as well.

(featured image: screengrab from YouTube)

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This Newly-Resurfaced Video Of Trump Making A Move On A Young Girl Will Disgust You



This Newly-Resurfaced Video Of Trump Making A Move On A Young Girl Will Disgust You


Donald Trump may hold the title of Commander-in-Chief, but it would be much more appropriate to call him the Pervert-in-Chief. From bragging that he likes to grab beautiful women by the genitals to the sickening remarks he’s made about his own daughter, Ivanka, Trump never fails to raise the stakes when it comes to being a dirty old man.

The latest proof of Trump’s lechery arrives in the form of a video which has recently resurfaced after a decade.

In 2007, Trump gave a speech to the San Francisco Learning Annex for which he was reportedly paid a cool $1.5 million. And in the speech, Trump reverted to his typically disgusting self and began telling the story of a young teenage girl–a beautiful girl, 17 or 18, so beautiful”– he hired to be a waitress at one of his restaurants despite the fact that she had zero experience.

In the video below, Trump invites the young girl, named Juliet, to join him onstage, and then remarks:

“My people said, ‘Mr. Trump, she has no experience,’ so I interviewed her anyway because she was so beautiful.

“I said, ‘Do you have any experience?’ She goes, ‘No, sir.’ I said, ‘When can you start?’”

Then Trump smiles like the proverbial Cheshire cat and says:

“Isn’t that terrible? You can work on my plane anytime.”

As Juliet leaves the stage, Trump comments:

“Now if she worked on my plane that’s like a death wish for me.”

The video, which was first discovered by The New York Daily News in 2016, is now even more relevant, as a former contestant on The Apprentice, Summer Zervos, has subpoenaed all records from the Trump campaign involving accusations of sexual harassment and assault complaints made by numerous women. Zervos alleges that in 2007 Trump kissed and groped her when she asked for a job at the Trump Organization.

So while the news is filled with allegations of sexual assault by movie executive Harvey Weinstein, let’s not forget that a sexual predator named Donald J. Trump has also abused women for decades and even managed to get elected to the highest office in the land. When will justice be meted out for his actions?

Watch the video for yourself:

Featured Image Via YouTube

Via: LA

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Here’s The Money Laundering Trail That Leads Directly To Donald Trump



Here’s The Money Laundering Trail That Leads Directly To Donald Trump


Paul Manafort, who served as Donald Trump’s campaign chairman during part of the 2016 election, appears to have been actively involved in possible money laundering for a Russian oligarch with deep ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

An extensive investigation by NBC News reveals that Manafort accepted some $60 million in “loans” from Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska. NBC also reports:

According to company documents obtained by NBC News in Cyprus, funds were sent from a company owned by Deripaska to entities linked to Manafort, registered in Cyprus.

Trump, like Manafort, has a history of doing business with shady Russian figures: In 2008, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev purchased Maison de L’Amitie, a massive beachfront estate in Palm Beach, Florida, from Trump for $95 million. Trump paid $40 million for the property four years earlier, and some questioned why the Russian would have paid such an inflated price for the estate. Rybolovlev and Deripaska also have shared business interests across the globe.

How does Manafort explain the $60 billion he took from Deripaska? His spokesperson, Jason Maloni, commented:

“Mr. Manafort is not indebted to former clients today, nor was he at the time he began working for the Trump campaign.

“Recent news reports indicate Mr. Manafort was under surveillance before he joined the campaign and after he left the campaign. He has called for the U.S. Government to release any intercepts involving him and non-Americans in hopes of finally putting an end to these wild conspiracy theories. Mr. Manafort did not collude with the Russian government.”

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The specifics of the loans to Manafort from Deripaska certainly appear suspicious. NBC found:

 $26 million was transferred from Oguster Management Ltd. — which is wholly owned by Deripaska, according to a disclosure filed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange — to Yiakora Ventures Ltd. Yiakora, according to Cyprus financial documents, is a ‘related party’ to Manafort’s many interests on the island, a financial term meaning that Manafort’s interests have significant influence over Yiakora.

“The investigation also confirms a smaller loan of just $7 million from Oguster to another Manafort-linked company, LOAV Advisers Ltd., a figure first reported by The New York Times. Company documents reviewed by NBC News reveal the entire amount was unsecured, not backed by any collateral.”

Could the so-called “loans” have been something illegal? Stefan Cassella, a former federal prosecutor, commented:

“You can call it a loan, you can call it Mary Jane. If there’s no intent to repay it, then it’s not really a loan. It’s just a payment.”

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As was the case in Watergate, money is the key to this story. Follow the money and it will lead you to the guilty parties.

Featured Image Via YouTube

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