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Kim Richards Confronts Brandi Finally On The RHOBH Finale!


On tonights season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville finally were able to sit down with Lisa Rinna and get to the bottom of what Brandi actually said about Kim needing an intervention. Pretty sure that Brandi had a brain fart because her memory is very fuzy, Eileen said the same thing!

When Kim confronts Brandi about the intervention after talking to Kyle and Lisa Rinna about it, Glanville says she did not speak of an intervention. “I didn’t. I don’t think I’ve ever said intervention in my life. I said ‘I don’t think Kim has the proper support system around her. I think Kim’s there for everybody. I think everyone leans on Kim and she needs a proper therapist and actual sober friends that are not me, like drunk half the time.’” This was pretty much a lie!

“Am I f*cking worried about you half the time? Right now I am. I don’t know why!”

“I worry about you too,” Kim confesses to Brandi. “I worry about my other family too, that’s just human nature, but I worry about you a little more sometimes.”

“That’s what friendship means,” Brandi says. “You worry about someone. That’s it and that’s all that means.”

“Here comes trouble,” Kim says as Lisa Rinna approaches.

Kim tells Rinna that Brandi and her just talked about the situation and that Brandi insists she didn’t use the word intervention. Once again Brandis memory seems to be a bit fuzzy!

“It wasn’t malicious,” Brandi says. “It was all from love.”

“It was a good conversation,” Lisa confirmed to Kim. Maybe Brandi has convince Lisa that there conversation never happened?

“I have now backed off,” Lisa explains in her confessional. “I don’t want the wrath of Kim Richards. I think Brandi is terrified of Kim Richards and rightfully so because who knows what she’ll do. She screams at you. She’s aggressive. She’s hurtful.”

Watch the show highlight below.


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Brandi Glanville Confronts Lisa Vanderpump About The Epic Slap


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville tried to talk to Lisa Vanderpump about the slap heard around the world that happened when the ladies were in Amsterdam during tonights season finale, but when Vanderpump wasn’t ready to move forward, Brandi got upset.

“I’ve apologized to you. I’ve said I’m sorry. I’ve told you I love you,” Brandi cries to lis. “My dad is dying… you have not reached out. No one else has except Yolanda. He’s dying in the hospital and you don’t give a f*ck about it!”

“I met him for twenty seconds and I’m sorry about that,” Lisa admits to Brandi.

“Are you?” Brandi yells. “He’s the best f*cking person on the planet. Better than you, better than Ken put together. He’s the best f*cking person on the planet!”

“Of course I feel sorry about Brandi’s father, but we just don’t have that kind of relationship that I’m going to pick up the phone and call her.” Lisa says in her confessional. “Especially after she slapped me. It’s kind of like, ‘I’m done.’” Im pretty sure this proves Lisa is a bitch!

Brandi insists Lisa hit her to even the score. “Don’t be ridiculous,” Lisa says. “Forget it. It’s done.”

“I can’t Lisa…” Brandi cries. “I can’t pretend anymore. I love you. This is bullish*t. I thought we were in a good place in Amsterdam. I joked around, I took it too far… I’m sorry!”

“I think it was only a matter of time before Brandi revealed herself for who she really was,” Lisa says in her interview. “She doesn’t understand the value of friendship. You can’t just apologize and expect things to go back to normal. Life’s not like that.”

Watch the show highlight below.


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Kyle Richards Revels What Happened With Sister Kim


Kyle Richards star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night after the season finale. Kyle answered viewer questions and discussed the season with Andy Cohen.

WhenAndy asked Kyle about running into Brandi Glanville in New York City and Brandi claiming that Kyle ran out of the store when she saw her. “How about, Brandi, don’t get it twisted,” Kyle replied. “She ran out and I was there probably twenty minutes after she left.”

Following this, Andy played the clip of Kim Richards fight with Lisa Rinna in Amsterdam where Kyle ran out of the restaurant and asked Kyle why she ran out. “You can see that I actually took my mic off and threw it,” Kyle answered. “I did not know what was going to happen next. I didn’t want to be there, so I just left.”

Andy played a clip of the upcoming RHOBH reunion where Kyle revealed she hadn’t spoken to her sister in three months. Kim told Andy during the reunion that she was okay with not speaking to her sister and she was fine with how things were. Andy asked Kyle to react to the clip. “Obviously going into the reunion you hope for some resolution, but I don’t think at this reunion anybody had any resolution,” she responded.

A viewer asked Kyle how she felt about Lisa Rinna’s mean tweets about Kim. “I didn’t see them, but I was told and I tweeted that it was very not cool to do that and Lisa texted me an apology.”

A caller asked Kyle what her sister Kathy’s take is on the drama between her and Kim. “That is a very good question,” Kyle answers. “It’s difficult for her, she’s in kind of a complicated position. She’s not there when we are filming, so then we go back and she hears my version and then she hears Kim’s version and then she kind of has to wait and see the show. I think she kind of just feels stuck.”

Andy asks Kyle if everything is okay between her and Kathy. “I mean everything could be better,” she said.


Lisa Rinna Claims She Is Done With Kim Richards

Lisa R

Lisa Rinna, new cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is opening up about the epic season finale tonight in her new blog! She opens up by talking about her family swing and blah blah blah who cares lets get straight to the drama! She goes into detail expressing that she came on the show with the intentions of being real and not lying and more blah blah blah she wants to be viewed as authentic. Which is pretty laughable because this season she came off as incredibly actressy with over the top expression and emotions. She insists that she had no intention on speaking to Kim at all during the party because she was officially done with Kim! She answers the question we all have been wondering which is why she didn’t confirm to Kim the details of Brandis convo the first time around. She claims she was acting on Kim wishes of not discussing her sobriety so there for she did not want to make any comment about it including Brandis comments. Only when she saw that Kim was trying to hurt Kyle did she decide it was time to spill the beans! She then goes into detail about the rest of the drama filled night! Check out her blog below!

“We did it. We managed to get through Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without anyone going to prison! It got close at times, but thankfully, we did it. I went into this promising myself I would tell the truth, own my sh–, and always, ALWAYS come from a place of authenticity. Much like everyone else, I am human, and I make mistakes. Sometimes, I act on emotion before really allowing myself time to process, and that can lead me to say or do things that I’m not always proud of. But I make sure to own what I say and do, learn from the mistake, and hopefully grow into a better person because of it.

So, we start off with an emotional glimpse into my family life. It’s time to take down the beloved swingset we have loved and heavily used for nearly 13 years. There were so many wonderful memories attached to that swingset that we will cherish forever and how what a poignant representation of the end of our girls’ childhood as we know it. I wish we could have given it to another family to use and love as much as we did, but unfortunately it was made of wood and had become a hazard by this point. It was just too dangerous to pass along to another family, or else that’s exactly what we would have done. Watching my family during this transitional phase only reiterates just how important each of them is to me. I am fiercely protective of my husband and girls and will not tolerate anyone trying to falsely tarnish the love we all have for one another. The fact that this was even attempted that first night in Amsterdam was both an injustice and violation to my family and me. As a matter of fact, it’s such an injustice, that as we all saw, my inner Dalai Lama moved aside to let my inner gangster take over!

“Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” -Dalai Lama

On to Adrienne’s party…I feel like I need to remind you that I was done, done, DONE with Kim Richards at this point. I went to this party with zero intentions of talking TO Kim, ABOUT Kim, and definitely nothing around Kim’s forbidden topic of sobriety. I have been scolded, yelled at, and thrown really f—ing hard into the lion’s den about it, so for my own sanity and peace of mind I. Had. To. Be. Done.

Now keep this in mind as I see Kim Richards walking toward me with a certain look of misguided determination in her eyes. When she sits down and asks me to talk about her sobriety, I honestly think I died a little inside. Was this for real? Was I being set up? What kind of warped reality did I find myself in at that moment when Kim was in front of me demanding I talk about “the situation” yet again?! Oh yeah, no way was I going to become a pawn in her weird little mind game. Rather quickly, it became quite evident that Kim was out to hurt Kyle. Kim was making it very clear that she chose not to believe what Kyle had told her, and she was trying to drag me in to help take down her sister. Let’s be real here for just a moment: We all know Kim doesn’t like, trust, or want to be around me at all, so why does she need my confirmation or validation of the conversation? Kim was going to hear exactly what she wanted to hear, regardless of anything I said, because that’s exactly what she does with everything anyway.

Nope. Not gonna play into Kim’s games for a second. I needed to stay honest to myself by not discussing Kim’s sobriety, and unfortunately that resulted in agitating and pissing everyone else off. Listen, I completely understood that both Kyle and Eileen had their opinions and strong need for me to justify Kim’s questions, but the “she said this and she said that” back and forth was just too much. Like I mentioned in last week’s blog, I did what Brandi asked by going to Kyle with this information, and it was now up to the Richards sisters to figure out.

Until I felt an overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t taking Kyle and Eileen’s side. I wanted to support them, so I confirmed the conversation only because Kyle needed me to. Not because Kim wanted me to. Big difference. So, I put aside my own opinion and point of view to support Kyle, since she felt so strongly about it. Walking over to Kim, only to have her shush me and snap at me and speak to me as if I were a child, was only allowing for more red flags to fly. As you saw, I took it in stride and temporarily buried it, but I really don’t do well with people talking to me in such a disrespectful way.

The two different times I spoke to Kim about it that evening, once with Brandi and once without, I felt the need to remind everyone around me that the conversations we’ve all had about Kim were always from a good place, a place of concern and worry, much like what Brandi and Kim apparently only reserve for their own friendship. I never had any intentions of making Brandi look bad during our lunch conversation, because I really felt she was speaking from the heart about her friend, Kim. It’s just a shame that she didn’t feel the same about my role in the conversation, and, yet again, she denies what was actually said. But I guess you live and you learn, and you slowly start to identify a person’s true colors, which is all just a part of this process.

It’s important to mention that I was also concerned for Brandi and her father. I had reached out to her about her father at that time, because I know how hard it is to have a parent with ailing health, and I was sympathetic to the obvious pain she was in. Though much like I remind my daughters as they navigate their young social lives, it’s important to treat others as you would like to be treated. Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to, and never allow your pain and unhappiness to be an avenue to lash out and hurt others.

I am still left bewildered and baffled with absolutely no closure from that party. I was just kind of left sitting there at the party dumbfounded by the turn of events and also by the way I was treated by Kim Richards. It’s so not OK to speak to people the way she does. That said, I do think Monty is a very sweet man, and I absolutely wish him the best.

So, off we go into a three-part reunion beginning next week. You’ve seen the previews by now, and it’s every bit as crazy as you’re thinking it will be. Lots of tears and screaming and F-bombs, and that’s just from Andy! Just kidding. But seriously, it was a nightmare of epic proportions, like a roller coaster you were trapped on for 10 hours. I’ve never experienced anything like it…

Thank you for reading my blog this season and really making me feel welcomed to the show. I had no idea that I would be embraced by such a great community of fans, so for that, I am forever grateful! Keep tweeting me so I don’t miss you all too much!

“Say how you feel, find your passion, love with every ounce of your bones, stand up for things that matter, don’t settle, don’t apologize for who you are… Be f—ing brave”

Until next time…


LR “

Eileen Davidson: Lisa Rinna Has Apologized Enough, Brandi Has Memory Problems!

Eileen Davidson new comer to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is taking to her blog tonight to gossip all about the RHOBH finale! She starts off talking about how sad she was when she watched Lisa Rinna and her kids take down their swing. She follows this by going into Adrienne’s party! She claims she wanted to go just to have fun and didn’t expect there to be drama but come on its a reality show Eileen! She claims that they should make a drinking game for every time Lisa Rinna apologizes for no reason, I kind of have to agree on this she said she was sorry enough times by now! She then throws some shade at Brandi Glanville as she claims with the health of Brandis father she had no reason to be there! What shade! To end of her blog she talks about the Brandi and Kim confrontation claiming Brandi must have some memory issues! Check it out below!

“This week, we’re all back home and the dust is settling. Sort of.

It broke my heart seeing Lisa R., Harry, and their girls take down their swing set! When we did the same with Jesse we felt that way. It’s such a powerful symbol of growing up and I think it’s so sweet that they celebrated the new chapter in their lives in that way.

I’m excited to go to Adrienne’s party! I wanted to have fun and enjoy a night out with my husband and friends. The party is beautiful, and Adrienne is a fantastic hostess. I was hoping to get to know her better but that was not to be. Trouble is brewing. Like I said in last week’s blog, maybe Lisa R. shouldn’t have approached Kyle about what Brandi said so soon after Amsterdam. But then again, we’ve already seen the worst, right? In Amsterdam? I hope?

Sure enough Kim confronts Lisa R. about what Brandi said during their lunch. Lisa is reticent, and understandably so, to discuss this. She’s dodging the issue, but maybe just saying what she said to Kyle would help everybody stop playing these games! Lisa R. being vague is not helping the situation and Kim leaves, apparently thinking that Kyle lied about it. Yolanda, Lisa V., Kyle, and I try to make Lisa understand she has to tell Kim what Brandi said. She gets it, and God bless her, she does go to talk to Kim. And when she does? Kim is dismissive and doesn’t want to hear it! OMG! Well, this is the definition of a lose/lose situation for everybody! Now, I’m just exhausted from even witnessing this. No one is listening or being honest, and it will never get resolved at this rate.

Brandi is clearly distraught about her father’s health. Now is not the time to have emotionally charged conversations with anybody. I see Lisa V. trying to help, but the drama is so high right now, it doesn’t seem to be calming anything down. Brandi keeps insisting she’s fine, when clearly she’s not. Maybe she shouldn’t have come to this party, at all, under the circumstances?

Kim and Brandi finally sit down. Kim tells Brandi what Kyle said Lisa R. said. I think Brandi is having a bit of a memory problem about what was discussed. The bottom line is if she had told Kim everything that she said to Lisa R. during their lunch, that major blow-up probably never would have happened in Amsterdam. And Kim? Well, she doesn’t seem to want to do any digging at all into what Brandi really, entirely said and just gives her a big fat pass. Now, Lisa R. is apologizing AGAIN. WHY, people, WHY? I propose a Real Housewives Drinking Game: take a shot every time Lisa R. unnecessarily apologizes to Brandi and Kim (and you better have a designated driver, because you’ll be really, really drunk).

It’s the end of the night and the end of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What a journey it has been. I’ve made some good friends, had lots of adventures, lots of laughs, and, frankly, witnessed way too many fights. It surely has been one hell of a ride! And one I will not soon forget.

Claudia Jordan Think Group Therapy Helped The Women Of Atlanta

claudClaudia Jordan, star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is opening up about this weeks most recent episode of Atlanta. She begins by talking about how she felt that progress was made between the women even though Nene Leaks bounced from therapy. She explains why she decided to call Dr Jeff on her own and see him and explains she has her own flaws. She also answers whether or not her a Porsha have squashed there beef completly!
Bravotv.com: Did you feel like progress was made at the therapy session?
Claudia Jordan: I do and I don’t. The main people that needed it were not willing participants. One took off because she couldn’t deal with hearing about how her actions affected the rest of the ladies. And the other that stayed, well… she received apology after apology without ever acknowledging any of her own wrong doing. That’s not right at all. How is it that the woman on the receiving end of a physical attack has apologized to her assailant on several occasions, yet she has yet to show any remorse? That’s downright insane to me! At the end of the day, there are lots of situations in this group where one can claim they were “provoked,” and if the response/excuse every single time was physical violence, we’d all be in jail! And the sad thing is in this particular environment I felt that everyone else there was really ready to do the work and participate. So if ever there was a time to drop the ego and do the right thing and apologize simply for the purpose of starting the healing process for the group, then that was the time. Some people are just too stubborn and refuse to humble themselves. That happens when you are babied your entire life — you feel like you can do no wrong. The rest of the ladies (including myself) however have all apologized and taken responsibility for contributing to the discord. But just pay attention to who never apologizes and who always does. I do not think that is because one “group” has been causing all the negativity in the group. But I do think that is because some have an agenda and a vendetta, while the other group is actually trying to make things cool and move on.
But on the flip side I will say that therapy was beneficial. In that one session we did get some good guidance from Dr. Jeff, who I would like to apologize to on behalf of the group for how he was mistreated. He came to help us and was insulted, disrespected, and his professionalism was questioned, which he did not deserve. So Dr. Jeff, I am sorry for how you were mistreated. The session did just highlight that some of us are mature and able to speak respectfully to one another, even if we have an issue with them, and some just cannot stand the sight and sound of someone we have decided not to like just because. All in all we did the best we could, and everyone who stayed did seem to really want to get along. And things were definitely better at work after the session. We were cordial and friendly.

Bravotv.com: Why did you decide to meet with Dr. Jeff one-on-one?
CJ: I have never, ever once claimed to be perfect or without flaws. And when I say I want to really resolve things, I am not just offering lip service — I really mean it. If there is something that I am doing wrong that is contributing to any of the strife amongst the group, then I’d like to address it and do my part to work on me. I think most of us have issues with others because of past hurts that we perhaps never really dealt with and that cause us to act out in certain ways that may bother others. I am not saying I do this necessarily, but I have no problems talking to someone to at least try to be a better person. I for sure have made my share of mistakes and have experienced a lot of pain and disappointment in my life, but I’ve also been extremely blessed. But at the end of the day, my intention is always to grow and learn from it all and to be a better woman today than I was yesterday. Dr. Jeff is great at what he does and was for sure an asset to the group. Thank you, Doctor!

Bravotv.com: Did you and Porsha manage to get back to a better place?
CJ: It seemed that way. But I had made the decision that regardless of whether or not she was going to continue the peace treaty, that I was going to do my part to keep it cool, polite, and cordial. And so far so good.

Again I’d like to thank the fans for all their support and love and enthusiasm for #RHOA! I was in Miami Beach and Miami Gardens with the morning show this past weekend for Jazz in the Gardens, and the love I got from all the fans of the show was next level! I was truly flattered and humbled, and I will never let any of this get to my head and change me. I’m grateful to be a part of this and for all the amazing opportunities that keep sprouting from this. I just wrapped a movie called The Hills that I have a lead role in, which will be out in the fall, as well as another film called Love is Not Enough. I’m also working on a product line (to be announced soon) and more calls have been coming in from Hollywood for more great acting roles. I also had a great time with my girls in Miami and ran into a bunch of awesome people doing their thing that love the show too! I feel so rested and at peace. I’m healthy, happy, and appreciative. #ThankYouGod

Kandi Opens Up About Group Therapy


In one of BravoTV’s shortest interviews, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kandi Burruss opens up about her feelings on Group Therapy claiming that it didn’t help her at all. She also talks about how sending the video to Nene was a kiss ass move, and admits she is skeptical about the trip to Manila.

Bravotv.com: Did you feel like progress was made at the therapy session?
Kandi Burruss: Not really. At least not for me.

Bravotv.com: Why were you against sending the video to NeNe?
KB: Because it was a kiss-ass move. She doesn’t even like most of the girls. Why go above and beyond to try to be friends when she doesn’t put in the same effort?

Bravotv.com: Were you excited about going to Manila?
KB: I like seeing new places, but I just didn’t know what to expect going on a trip like that with this group.

Phaedra Parkes Opens Up About Her Divorce From Apollo Nida


In a brand new interview with BRAVOTV Phaedra Parks star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and wife of locked up Apollo Nida, opens up about the difficulties a divorce. She answers questions that have been on everyone’s mind. She talks about the counseling session and weather she regrets not attending it and she talks about her break down that happened when talking to Sarah Jakes.

Bravotv.com: What were your thoughts about the counseling session? Do you regret not attending?
Phaedra Parks: I do not regret my decision to forego the counseling session. As Porsha said, while many of these women say things in an effort to move forward, their actions contradict their words. Hopefully, some benefit was received from the counseling, but everybody knows actions speak louder than words, so I will be watching to see a change.

Bravotv.com: Why did you break down when talking to Sarah Jakes?
PP: This situation has been very overwhelming to me and being surrounded by mean girls has not made it any easier. During one of my most difficult nights, I prayed and asked God to send me someone who knew HIM but could understand me, and I received a call from Sarah within 24 hours. I knew God had answered my prayer, because Sarah and I are both preachers’ children. As such, we are often scrutinized based on our parents’ calling rather than who we are as individuals. That being said, she understood my plight as a Christian, wife, mother, and business woman. Sarah went through a difficult situation and could relate to what I was experiencing. Because I knew God sent her, I trusted her, I already respected her, and she made me feel safe. I thank God for sending her!

Bravotv.com: Was it hard talking to the lawyer about your marriage?
PP: It is never hard to talk with a friend and colleague, who has mentored you for well over a decade. Ronne Kaplan like myself is a mother, who endured and survived a difficult first marriage. She did not allow that relationship to defeat or discourage her. Ronne is one of the best family lawyers in the country with a specialty focusing on high asset cases, so I knew she was not only well versed regarding my situation, but she also loves me like a daughter. Ending a marriage is not an easy thing to talk about, but she helped me focus on what was most important and gave me sound advice. It was incredibly helpful to have her put things in perspective for me and tell me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.

Tiki Barber’s Wife Not Joining ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’

Tiki Barber and his wife, Traci Lynn Johnson, won’t joing the seventh season  The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Although reports have claimed Johnson is a “frontrunner” for a spot on the show, the former NFL pro denied that his wife would be joining the show at all!

While he was exiting the Palm restaurant in New York City on March 23, Tiki Barber and his wife spoke to TMZ, denying they will be joining the series’ seventh season.

“Don’t believe everything you read,” Johnson said.

“We live in New Jersey,” Barber then pointed out.

“And I am a housewife, so I must be a ‘Real’ one,” Johnson added.

Then, Tiki Barber claimed he had “plenty of jobs already.”

Andy Cohen has previously denied Tiki Barber’s wife’s addition to the show. During an interview with E! News, Andy Cohen explained that casting hasn’t yet begun on season seven, thus making any reports about those joining untrue.

“I haven’t seen any New Jersey casting. Here’s the thing they’re doing a wide net so we haven’t cast Jersey. So anything you’ve heard about casting Jersey is not true right now.”

For the last six seasons of the show, Teresa Giudice has been the unofficial star, and longest running full-time housewife. She is practically the face of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Currently incarcinated she wont be able to return to the show this season. So, for months, rumors have been swirling as to whether the show will go on without her, or whether Bravo will wait until her 2016 release before beginning production.

Rumorfix claimed producers were planning to also bring on lesbian couple, Tobi Petrocelli and Rose De Jesus. The site also alleged Bravo had been in contact with Maria Bach, ex-wife of Sebastian Bach, and planned to bring Jacqueline Laurita back to the show, as well as the twins, Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napilitano.

The rest of the cast, including Melissa Gorga, was unspoken of in the report.


Sneak Peek: RHONY Is Back!

Get a look at the wild season that lies ahead. From feeding clowns, to drunken nights, plus the return of the queen her self Bethenny Frankel, this season is guaranteed to go off with a bang! In the clip below you will see things from the entire season, one moment we cant wait for is Heather and Bethennys fight! Heather has always been our fan favorite on keeping it real, however before there was Heather Bethenny was our favorite! So it will definitely be interesting to see these to brawl it out!

The princess her self Carole admits to having sex dreams about Bethenny and much much more watch below!

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