Leah Remini’s Most Shocking Scientology Claims


Leah Remini’s Most Shocking Scientology Claims

Leah Remini is releasing a book that will give readers an insight into what it was like to be involved in Scientology. She recently appeared on 20/20 to help promote her book, and let’s just say some of the claims that she made were more than just shocking! Leah Remini explained that she was first introduced to the religion of Scientology by her mother, while of course Leah was still a small child. Her mother had signed her up for a strict sect of the Church that was called the Sea Org. They forced a young Leah to sign a contract with them for….get this…. a billion years. Yup the Sea Org and the Church of Scientology believe in reincarnation… which isn’t an absurd thought…. but making a child sign a way a billion years of their life…. might be a bit overboard! Seriously maybe they should wait until the children they force to sign the contracts are actually old enough to understand them!

Katie Holmes Had Leah Sent Away for Reprogramming!

One of the weirdest and most shocking stories that Leah Remini revealed was about how she was sent away from reprogramming because Katie Holmes had written a complaint against her! Leah Remini explains that the Church of Scientology forced her to invite Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Tom Cruise’s wedding, Katie and Tom however had no idea about this. During the extravagant day long event, the Church of Scientology forced Lopez and Anthony to spend most of the wedding apart. Leah believes that the church was seeking Lopez as its newest member and possible female face of the church. Katie Holmes following the wedding would file a complaint against Leah with the Church for her “inappropriate behavior.” Which is a bit odd considering she didn’t really do anything wrong but just what the Church asked her to do. Maybe Katie was upset that the church wanted Lopez to be its new female face instead of her? Anyway because of Katie’s complaints Leah was sent away to get reprogrammed! Yes you read that right, she was sent away to get reprogrammed! Since this special aired Katie (who is no longer with the church) has publicly apologized to Leah for her actions that day.

Leah Remini was Forced into Hard Labor as a Child by the Church

If having to pay membership for a church isn’t bad enough, as a child Remini revealed that she was forced into labor at a very young age. Her time with the so called Sea Org was less than glamorous to say the least! She alleges that she was forced to live in “roach-infested” dorm type rooms with the other children of the Sea Org. When it came to chores, it was more like forced labor. One day she would be working in the laundry room and the next she was working with industrial sanders, to say that the Scientology religion exploits children for labor, would be an understatement! Seriously don’t we have child labor laws for reasons like this, no child should be working with industrial sanders….ever!

The Scarlet Letter

Have you ever read the Scarlet letter, or seen the movie Easy A? Than you know the main character was forced to wear the letter A on her as punishment for her adultery….or at least that’s what I learned from the movie Easy A so I hope i’m right! Anyway Leah Remini claims that the punishments at the Sea Org was very similar to that, she believes that she was punished way to harshly for minor offenses. Some of the issues that she claimed got her into embarrassing trouble was touching her boyfriend…while his clothes were still very much on! The Sea Org’s punishment is an attempt to reform you, she was forced to wear all black and call everyone around her Sir. She was the black clothed version of the scarlet letter, and she claims that while this is torturous punishment for an adult…. well just imagine what it feels like as a child!

Scientology Helped her Become a Better Actress!

Leah may not have made a lot of good claims about the church of Scientology but she did reveal that Scientology helped her with her confidence. While she unfortunately was kicked out of the Sea Org for her immoral ways, she continued to be a part of the Church of Scientology. She revealed that her time with Scientology helped her master certain tools that they provided her that ultimately helped her to further her career. She explained that while most people would have been nervous in front of a casting director, she never was thanks to the tools and lessons she learned from Scientology.

Scientology Controls Your Medical Decisions

Let’s be real here our ancestors didn’t fight for women’s rights just to have them taken away from them by the church they are involved with! According to Leah, the church of Scientology controls what medical decisions you are allowed to make! When she was set to give birth she was told that she was not allowed to have an epidural as it was against the religions beliefs. However after feeling the pain of a baby ripping down your vagina, she instantly decided to go against her church and get an epidural. Im sure Leah was forced to wear black for months following this!

Tom Cruise is Like Jesus, and You Are Our Bitch

I guess when you have one of the most successful actors of all time in your church, you sort of make him your own personal Jesus. According to Leah anyone who disrespected Tom Cruise, or talked to him in a way that he did not like would be instantly written up. Scientology may be the only religion in the world where someone can write you up, imaging going into confessional one day and what you tell the priest….is spread to every priest in the Catholic Church! Apparently jokes are never allowed in Scientology, Remini revealed that she was written up for making a small jab at Tom Cruise. They were at a salsa class together and she made a joke about how it looked like he was forcing himself to kiss his wife….. this of course led to Remini being written up!


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