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LOL! Devin Nunes Calls The Cops To Protect Him From His Own Constituents

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LOL! Devin Nunes Calls The Cops To Protect Him From His Own Constituents


Gage Skidmore / Flickr Devin Nunes...
Gage Skidmore / Flickr
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Devin Nunes doesn’t do Taco Tuesday at his district office in Clovis anymore, because for the past year protesters have been gathering every Tuesday demanding that the congressman make an appearance and discuss Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — programs Nunes isn’t too crazy about discussing since he and his Republican cohorts want to gut them as they whittle away at the foundation of the social safety net like a swam of radioactive termites. In any event, Nunes and his associates are apparently feeling the heat because somebody called the cops. FresnoBee:

On Tuesday, front office staff at the Sentinel Executive Offices called Clovis police on the protesters and kicked members of the media and the public out of the building and locked the door.

Democrat Andrew Janz, who is competing for Nunes’ congressional seat, said a building employee (who asked not to be named) would not allow him to go upstairs to Nunes’ office.

“I told her that Nunes ’office is paid for by taxpayers and is public property,” Janz said. “We pay for this office, but if we’re not even given the opportunity to go to the office to make an appointment, and are prohibited from making our way up to his office, I think that’s definitely an issue.”

Clovis Police Cpl. Max Garces said office staff have called 911 before about the rally but that it’s a gray area because Nunes’ office is next to private business offices in the same building.

Now the good news is that at the very least, Nunes has been pissing off his neighbors in other offices in the building, because they’re tired of this issue with the protesters that he keeps dodging but that they have to put up with, because they’re there and Nunes isn’t. “I’ve been there for 20 years, and I’ve never seen the man,” she [a businesswoman in the building] said. “It’s just a satellite office. Somebody comes and picks up his mail. He isn’t here.” What she may not know, but certainly the rest of us do, Nunes isn’t there even when he is physically present.

There are four perfectly horrible Republican congressman in California, Nunes, Darryl Issa, Duncan Hunter and Dana Rohrabacher. Issa, blessedly, is not running for re-election. Hunter is a crook, Rohrabacher is a traitor and Nunes defies description.

Andrew Janz is running a good campaign against Nunes. This is definitely a key race. Nunes is totally out of touch with his constituents and he’s a Putin puppet2


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