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Republican official attacks Sharice Davids, threatening to send her “back to the reservation”

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Republican official attacks Sharice Davids, threatening to send her “back to the reservation”


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Sharice Davids historic campaign to be one of the first Native American women ever elected to US Congress, joining Deb Haaland in her chance to break the barrier, hasn’t been without those who see her skin color and history working on behalf of Native American communities as a way to attack her.

In messages sent to Johnson County Democratic Women, a Republican precinct elected went on the attack in a way that won’t surprise many Democratic voters.


Anne Pritchett, current chair of the Johnson County Democratic Women’s organization, has seen extensive growth in their group, which was forced to divide into two separate entities last year, a “north” and a “south” in order to help keep a handle on the increased numbers.

The organization, which has been supportive of women candidates running, found that their chair became a target related to their ongoing advocacy for Democratic candidates. Still, the attack put into messages by Michael Kalny, Republican Precinct Officer, came as a bit of a surprise.

In it, Kalny noted that “lesbian indian would be sent packing to the reservation” followed by — in the count of the Kansas CIty Star, nearly 50 exclamation points.

Kalny was contacted by the Kansas City Star, and rather than back down, he decided to double down, attacking either the leadership of the women’s organization or Davids, it isn’t quite clear:

Reached by phone, Kalny identified himself as a GOP precinct committeeman in Kansas. Precinct committee members are elected positions that represent political parties on a precinct’s behalf.

When asked about the message, he asked “what is this lady trying to accomplish?”

When questioned further about whether he wrote the message, he said he needed to talk to his attorney and hung up the phone.

For those wondering, and just in case he is referring to Sharice, a reminder of what she IS trying to accomplish:

  • Represent the state of Kansas
  • Represent the average voter, not insurance companies
  • Stop being a rubber stamp for Trump
  • work to develop healthcare policy that protects all of us

Among other items. I’m sure I could come up with a much longer list, but I figure that’s a decent start.

The Yoder campaign denounced the comments, but no word yet as to whether or not Mr. Kalny will face any more than a “tsk tsk” from the Republican organization.

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